Monday, November 22, 2010


 Truly, I love ALL of the entries. I now have a bunch of good ideas to employ on any future wormy days. So thanks! You all rock.

However, I did have to narrow it down, because I do not have an endless supply of gummy worms. So, because she wrote a limerick incorporating my new animal theme from last Monday (llamas), because she sucked up to me mentioned visiting my blog, because I identify with her tendency to overuse commas, AND because I am myself too lazy to jog, I give you the WINNER...

Bess Weatherby!

Check out Bess's blog here.

 I picture a herd of green llammas
Wearing purple-striped pink lace pajamas
Then I visit your blog
(Too lazy for a jog)
or write poems with too many commas. 

(Yes, I took the liberty of illustrating her limerick. The pajamas are not quite as she described, but hey, they're llamas. In pajamas. Cut me some slack.)

Here's what Bess has won for her poetic effort:

Yes, two, count e'm, TWO kinds of GUMMY WORMS, original and Sour Brite Crawlers. Yum!

And, as promised, a book straight off my bookshelves: Galileo's Daughter (which is actually more about Galileo than his daughter, but whatever) by Dava Sobel. The reason I chose this book, apart from it being the winner of a Los Angeles Times Book Prize, is...well, to be honest, I have two copies of it. (What? It's hard to give away a book you only have one copy of when you're a bibliomaniac like me.)

Bess, if you'll email me your address at linda(dot)grimes(at)gmail(dot)com, I'll send your prize ASAP. :)


Jessica Lemmon said...


Llamas in pajamas and too many commas! LOL, that girl DESERVED a win.

Unknown said...

ahaha! GREAT poem, Bess, and congrats on your win :)

Lola Sharp said...


Lenny Lee said...

hi miss linda! hooray for miss bess for being a winner. that llama poem is so fun for sure. the pictures got me laughing. ha ha.
...hugs from lenny

abby mumford said...

congrats to bess! and the llamas in pajamas. and the gummy worms!

Génette Wood said...

Congrats to Bess! That is really a funny limerick! I'm a little jealous of the gummy worms, though.

Bess Weatherby said...

Yay! I'm so excited! Books and gummy worms. Life could get no better!

And yes, maybe the poem was a bit of a suck up. But it's all true. And the pajama statues are awesome :)

Thanks Linda! You're wonderful!

Candyland said...

Congrats! Yummy gummys...

Kelly Breakey said...

You didn't say anything about two kinds of gummy worms. Yes I admit it, I enter contests based on the prize. Don't judge me. But two kinds of gummy worms.

Well, now, I want some sour ones.


Turkey speak for man, I want some sour worms.