Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Ciel's new cover!

So, are you thinking what I'm thinking? WTF? No posts for two months, and now two days in a row? 

I know! But after I made yesterday's post I got the final version of the cover for The Big Fix from my editor, and I just can't wait to share it. 

See, Tor, in its infinite wisdom (yay, Tor!) decided to "repackage" my series. Which basically means switching up the cover art to more accurately reflect the light, sexy, and fun innards of the book. 

Because, regardless of the old saying, people do tend to judge a book by its cover. 

I think readers new to my series will get a better feel for the ... well, atmosphere, mood, tone--whatever you want to call it...of my books when they see this on the shelf:

I kind of freakin' adore it. :)

Yeah, I know. Ciel's hair is still too long. But, hey, it's the right color this time! That has to count for something. And I love the little touch of Hollywood (this book's main setting) they got in there with Ciel in the director's chair, holding the clapper board. 

Billy and Mark *cough* aren't too shabby either. ;)

The truly fun part of this cover for me is that I got to pore over pics of cover models (along with my editor, Melificent the Great, aka Melissa Frain). The Art department asked for our input. Tough job, but somebody had to do it... 

(Yes, it is possible I pored a lot more over the guys' pics than Ciel's. I mean, some bodies decisions are harder than others.)

Anyway, since the cover is up at Amazon, Goodreads, and maybe a few other places, I just thought I'd make it official here, too. 

The book will be out May 26 (I know--it's a long time to wait), but as soon as advance reader copies are available, there will be an ARC tour. So it's possible those who are tearing their hair out in anticipation--surely there must be one or two of you? No?--okay, those who are mildly anxious for the next Ciel Halligan adventure could get to read it ahead of time. Details to come. 

Happy Tuesday, y'all! :D 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Don't pay the ransom--I got away!

Wow. Been a while, huh? 

Okay, so I wasn't really kidnapped. Unless you count kidnapped by life. (Ba-dum-bum.)

Yes, I've been remiss in my blogging duties for the past few months. Got a little caught up with things over the last part of the summer. Edits, copyedits, drafting the next book, family time, etc., etc., and so forth. 

Geez, it sounds boring just recapping it in this truncated form. *huge yawn* Honestly, you should be thanking me for not subjecting you to it while it was going on. 

To make up for my absence, I offer you this adorable baby animal pic:

Via morgueFiles.com
Why a lamb? Because I'm feeling a little sheepish, of course. (Go ahead. Groan. You know you want to.)

I'm still in the middle of drafting FIX 4 (working title: FIXER UPPER), and having all kinds of fun with it. Good thing I can type and giggle at the same time. I'm such a multitasker! 

Wow. I just noticed there's a "tit" in the middle of "multitasker." (It's possible I notice things like that way too much. What can I say? I'm *cough* observant. Also, it appears, situationally ADD.)

*Ahem* What was I saying again? 

Never mind. So, what have you been up to? Please say hi and let me know you're still alive and kicking. :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

If you walk a mile in someone else's shoes...

...your feet will probably hurt. Because, really, what are the odds the shoes will be your size? 

Try to understand other people, sure. Be sympathetic to their struggles and problems. But keep your own shoes on, because you won't be any good to them if you're limping. ;)

*Ahem* Moving on...

I like to take long walks when I'm plotting. (My books, I mean. Not a bank job or a murder. Though, admittedly, it sometimes amounts to the same thing.)

I'm lucky in that, though I live firmly in the bustling heart of suburbia, a stream runs through my neighborhood, with woodland on either side of it, and a trail next to it. 


There's even a pond. 

Takes me all of about five minutes to get to it, and then I can pretend I'm deep in the woods. In the spring and summer, the birds and chattering squirrels provide enough background noise to drown out the sound of nearby traffic. It's pleasant. 

Sometimes I get lucky and see a few critters.

I'm the first to admit that I'm a fair-weather walker. If it's raining (or too hot, or too humid, or too cold ...), I tend to stay indoors and confine my ambling to the plot trails in my head. I mean, I'm all for exercise, but there's no need to be uncomfortable about it. ;)

Luckily, we've been hit with a stretch of fair weather here. Heck, it was 49 degrees F this morning! In JULY! And it's only supposed to get up to the high 70s today, with low humidity. Whoa. You can bet I'll be hitting the trail later. 

But before I do, here's a Hump Day camel for you:

Via MorgeFile.com

Keep looking up--you'll find inspiration in the beauty of the heavens. But remember to look down occasionally, too, so you don't step on a turtle. Or worse. ;)