Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Guess. What. Day. It. Is!

Well, yes. It IS Hump Day. But, more importantly, it's TG's Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the best husband any woman could have!

(Wait...let me rephrase that. Any woman cannot have my husband. Just so we're clear there.)

Hey, honey, remember when I used to be older than you? ;)

P.S. Happy Hump Day to everyone not quite awesome enough to have a birthday today. You're still cool. :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

What's better than a camel pic? Carol Kilgore's new cover reveal, that's what!

I'm coming out of bloggy exile because the lovely (and I'm not just saying that because she's from my home state of Texas) Carol Kilgore has revealed the cover of her latest novel: SECRETS OF HONOR. 

*Drum roll, please*

Niiiice! I don't know about you, but I love my crime fiction to have a kiss. Or ten. Whatever. As long at there's smooching with the crime, I'm cool. 


By the end of a long evening working as a special set of eyes for the presidential security detail, all Kat Marengo wants is to kick off her shoes and stash two not-really-stolen rings in a secure spot. Plus, maybe sleep with Dave Krizak. No, make that definitely sleep with Dave Krizak. The next morning, she wishes her new top priorities were so simple.

As an operative for a covert agency buried in the depths of the Department of Homeland Security, Kat is asked to participate in a matter of life or death—locate a kidnapped girl believed to be held in Corpus Christi, Texas. Since the person doing the asking is the wife of the president and the girl is the daughter of the first lady’s dearest friend, it’s hard to say no.

Kat and Dave quickly learn the real stakes are higher than they or the first lady believed and will require more than any of them bargained for.

The kicker? They have twenty-four hours to find the girl—or the matter of life or death will become more than a possibility.

About Carol:

Carol writes grocery lists, texts to her family, new lyrics to old songs for her dogs, love notes to her husband, and novels for herself. And for you. In between, she blogs weekly at Under the Tiki Hut and is active on Facebook and Twitter.
She sees mystery and subterfuge everywhere. And she’s a sucker for a good love story—especially ones with humor and mystery. Crime Fiction with a Kiss gives her the latitude to mix and match throughout the broad mystery and romance genres. Having flexibility makes her heart happy.

You can connect with Carol and her books here:

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Congrats on a great new cover, Carol! Can't wait until September when the insides become available, too. :)