Monday, November 15, 2010

llinda does llamas (wait--that doesn't sound quite right...)

Okay, this one is for Elizabeth Ryann, who commented on Twitter that I seem to have a thing for camels. (Not necessarily so. Camels just lend themselves to Wednesday posts. You know, because it's Hump Day.) Still, she thought maybe it was time to give another animal some blog time, and suggested a llamas might be good fodder for a Monday post.

Since I am ever accommodating, I give you...


Llamas are CUTE:

Come on. Who can resist that face? Don't you just want to snuggle up with it, and let it nibble on your ears?

Llamas are also talented, as evidenced by this llama's uncanny ability to do celebrity impressions:

Llamas are even portable. Though they may not be the world's best car passengers...

Llamas are sometimes forgetful. For instance, this one forgot where it lleft its llegs (and its ears):

But llamas are still handy to have around if you ever need an excuse (and you know how fond I am of excuses):

And best of all, you can play dress-up with your llama:

If you enjoyed this llittle llesson about llamas, please tell me in the comments. If you didn't, please lleave a comment blaming Elizabeth.


Elizabeth Flora Ross said...

Um, don't llamas also spit at you? ;)

Summer Frey said...

Hehe, I liked it! Especially the celebrity impersonation. :) There's an alpaca farm next to my in-laws, and I love seeing them go through the seasonal changes. Especially the babies. :)

Anonymous said...

I do blame Elizabeth. Llamas are about as cute as camels, which is not cute at all. I'm especially reminded of that llama in 'Napoleon Dynamite'. Good film, ugly llama.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda;
I llove your llamas! Especially the dress up llamas. Nice light hearted post. I enjoyed it and will be back. Thanks for a nice start to my Monday!!


I love llamas! There's an alpaca in my current WIP, so I think you should do alpacas next.

Er, that sounded wrong.


GĂ©nette Wood said...

Beautiful, just beautiful! I think it's fabulous that you had two completely inadvertent (and mildly offensive) Twilight references. Accidents like these make my day.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the giggle. A laugh on a Monday is always a good thing.


Susan Adrian said...

Child's school has two llamas they take care of. I see them every day!

(and it is weird what they do with their legs)

Teri Anne Stanley said...

I love Llama's. "Is Your Mama a Llama?" was one of our favorite books when my babies were babies. And my oldest son went to prom with a very short girl and her three best friends, who are all very tall. I call them the girlfriend's Guard Llamas. Llamas are very protective and territorial. They are good for protecting sheep and keep teenaged boys away from very short girls.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

The celebrity impression is a total crack up!

Elizabeth Ryann said...

Hahahaha! It's not my fault! It was merely an observation!

But I liked it. :)

Gerb said...

Ha! The llama passengers would get along with my kids.

Jessica Bell said...

LOLOL! You had me giggling at the impersonation!

Lenny Lee said...

hi miss linda! those pitures got me laughing sooooo hard. all i could say is ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
...laughs and hugs from lenny

Linda G. said...

Elizabeth Flora -- Kind of. I was reading that it's not really saliva, though. More like partially chewed cud. So, really they're throwing up on you. And it's only when they're annoyed or frightened. So don't tick off or scare a llama, and you should be okay. ;)

Summer -- Awww. Alpaca babies are soooo cute. :)

Suz -- LOL! Not a llama llover, I see. ;)

Heather -- Glad you like them. And you're welcome. :)

Tawna -- Can't wait to read it. Perhaps I'll do a post about alpacas in honor of its publication. :)

LadyGenette -- What makes you think they were inadvertent? ;)

Jeannie -- You're welcome. Always happy to amuse. :)

Suze -- Have they ever spit on you? Inquiring minds want to know.

Teri Anne -- Oh, that's a wonderful book! And I'm LOL-ing the keeping teenaged boys away from very short girls.

KarenG -- Yeah, have to admit I got a giggle out of that, too.

Elizabeth R -- Nope. Totally your fault. ;)

Gerb -- Yeah, they kind of reminded me of earlier days & long road trips. There are some perks that come with getting older; i.e., your kids do too. ;)

Jessica -- I know, right? So cute. :)

Lenny -- Hi there! Glad I could make you laugh. Hugs back. :)

Sierra Godfrey said...

I just llove you, Llinda. This is great. I too llove "Is your mama a llama" and we read it often.

You make a wonderfully convincing case for llamas, even though I must agree with Elizabeth Flora that they spit. Also, their shaggy, just don't hang around their backsides. Ew!

Kelly Breakey said...

You forgot that some Llamas are famous. Like Lorenzo. Really, Linda, where was your head?

demery said...

Llove me some llamas on a llame-ass Monday!


Jennifer Shirk said...

Oh, my gosh! The impressions thing is HILARIOUS!!

Linda G. said...

Sierra -- Mutual, babycakes. Mwah! Will try to avoid all llama backsides in the future.

Kelly -- *slaps forehead* D'oh! How could I forget Lorenzo. (Huh. Wonder how many people name their pet llamas Lorenzo? A lot, I'll bet.)

Demery -- LOL! Llame-ass Monday? Perfect!

Jennifer -- Yeah, when I first saw that, I nearly spewed my tea all over the screen. ;)

abby mumford said...

i was out of town and out of touch yesterday, so i'm just getting to this now. let me tell you, llamas on tuesday are just as funny as they are on monday.

i can't stop laughing at the celebrity impression.

well played, grimes, well played.

abby mumford said...
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Michele Shaw said...

The TL comparison is priceless! Made my day!

pseudosu said...

They are cute! I used to want one really baaaaad. Got over it. Cats rule. That TL pic-- ~priceless~!

Linda G. said...

Abby -- Thank you. But with material as inherently interesting as llamas, really, who could go wrong? 0_0

Michelle -- But TL has MUCh better abs than any llama. ;)

Pseudosu -- Yes. Cats are much easier to litter-box train than llamas. Easier to fit on a lap, too.

Trisha Leigh said...

Celebrity impersonation FTW.

Elizabeth Flora Ross said...

Oh, it's vomit? That is SO much better. Thanks for that wonderful but of information. I'm never going near a llama again! LOL

kuthinks said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this "Llama Monday" bit. Who doesn't love a llama?