Monday, November 1, 2010

Winner of the WHY!

On Friday I was running a little short on time, what with getting ready for weekend visitors and all (I <3 my kiddos--we had so much fun over the weekend!). So I posted this picture:

...and said the commenter with the best "answer" would win some sort of prize, either silly or edible. Maybe even both.

Of course, at the time I had no freaking idea what that prize would be. Let's be honest here...I panicked. I hadn't had time to write an actual post, and I've been trying to be consistent with blogging on M/W/F, so when I saw that picture I pounced on it like a duck on a duck on a June bug.

Anyhoo, I went digging through my basement (aka, "Nerdvana") to see if I had anything suitably silly on hand to use as a prize. (Short on time, remember? Couldn't shop.) Lo and behold, I found this:

It's a Water Bomb Blaster! It shoots water balloons with a slingshot-like apparatus. Obviously it's a collectible, since it's still in the package. (Ha!) Okay, "collectible" might be a stretch. But at least it looks suitably silly to me.

Especially when paired with:

Which is both edible AND silly. And, according to my darling daughter, rather in keeping with the water balloons, being similarly fluid-fluid filled.

Ah-ha! I was sensing a theme building here. So TG suggested I add this:

You know, since a blimp is kind of balloon-like, and thus fits the theme. By the way, when you twist the tail of this little blimp, you see this:

Cool, huh?

Even without knowing how cool the prize would be, y'all still came through for me with some GREAT answers to my burning question! (If you haven't already, go here and read the comments.)

After much deliberation, and a consultation with TG over a champagne cocktail on Halloween:

(Yes, that is Andre, "the beer of bottled champagne," which is why we added the sugar cube and bitters to it. Normally we drink slightly better champagne, but this bottle was left over from the Flying Karamazov Brothers' Terror Trick. It was a spare they didn't need, since they successfully performed the truly impressive feat of jugglery. Waste not, want not...)

*ahem* As I was saying, after much deliberation, it was decided there was a 14-way tie for second place. Jessica, Patty, Stageman, Karla, Abby, Demery, Kristen, Candyland, NotJana, Courtney, Dianne, Elizabeth, Trisha, and Kerry: thank you all for your answers. They are BRILLIANT. Your prize is that you amused me greatly.

(Come on. Doesn't that just warm the cockles of your heart? Yeah, I thought it would. Because y'all are just that cool.) 

Which leaves FIRST PLACE to the one and only LENNY LEE!!!!

Lenny's answer made me smile, and then laugh, because I totally understand the "devil made me do it " excuse when it comes to taking Halloween candy. Lenny, thanks so much for your great answer to my "WHY?" I'll be putting your prize in the mail as soon as I can get to the post office.

Everyone else: stay tuned to this space in the future for more silly questions, contests, and prizes.


Jessica Bell said...

LOL! Cute! :o) Nice going, Lenny!!!!

Tara said...

Love those prizes. Silly and fun!


LOL, I love that your prize giveaway is kinda like a garage sale.


Candyland said...

Ha @Tawna!!! We all want Linda's crap!
Yay Lenny!!!

abby mumford said...

gushers!?! are those from 1994?

watch your teeth, lenny!

Bess Weatherby said...

Those prizes are unbelievably excellent. And hey -- when I miss a blog, I just miss it, so good for you for putting something up! It ended up being great!

Linda G. said...

Jessica -- Yeah, wasn't Lenny's entry cute?

Tara -- Thanks. Silly and Fun--it's what defines me. ;)

Tawna -- LOL! Hey, if I hold enough contests, I may get my basement cleared out. ;)

Candyland -- Stay tuned for more contests. There is no end to the crap in my basement. ;)

Abby -- LOL! Nah, the gushers are fresh from the grocery store. :)

Bess -- Thanks! :)

Thank all you guys for reading and commenting. I love hearing from you. :)

Sierra Godfrey said...

Gaddagmmit, I cannot BELIEVE I missed this! I have all KINDS of answers to why now. Dang! But it was great fun reading the answers. What a nice, nice post. (Except for the part about me missing and not winning it, of course.)

Elisabeth Black said...

Why didn't I read that post? I would have won. I excel at excuses.

Lenny Lee said...

hi miss linda! WOW those prizes are soooo cool. im gonna have so much fun blasting my sister and my brothers with those water balloons! yippeee!!for me that hotwheels blimp is soooo cool. i love hotwheels and i got some more of them on my birthday. now i could have a hotwheels blimp. how cool is that! i didnt ever hear of gushers before. they look pretty neat. thanks for having such a fun contest with really neat prizes.
...big hugs from lenny

demery said...

Congratulations Lenny!! And I'm SO honored, alone with my fellow readers, of course, to accept the second place prize... to know that I, we, amused you greatly. That alone is enough glory, enough wealth, enough satisfaction to last for a long, long time. Until the next contest at least. (cue orchestra & wrap it up sign) Thank you, and good night.

Linda G. said...

Sierra -- Ya snooze, ya looze. Sorry! Maybe next time? Because you KNOW I'm going to have more cheezy contests. ;)

Elisabeth -- Alas. So, what's your excuse for missing the contest? ;)

Lenny -- The WINNAH! Congrats. You prizes are officially in the mail. :)

Demery -- LOL! You are indeed a gracious looz--er, I mean, second-place winner! :)

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

WTG, Lenny! Fun contest, Linda...