Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Don't pay the ransom--I escaped!


Ha-ha! Okay, no, I wasn't really kidnapped. (Unless you mean kidnapped by LIFE. Ba-dum-...oh, never mind. It wasn't that funny the first time.)

Yeah, it's been kind of hectic for me here at Chez Grimes since I got back from vacay, catching up on everything I so blatantly ignored while TG, our son, and I were relaxing with our (mine and TG's, that is, not our son's) daughter and son-in-law down in Pensacola.

I mean, seriously, could you concentrate on work with this so close at hand? Yeah, me neither.

We had a great time eating (like this monster piece of a triple-decker Key Lime pie; no, I didn't eat it all myself--it was a group effort, and even then it took two days to finish)...

...drinking (this fruity concoction was yummy, and fortunately not quite as strong as the name implies)...

...and making merry (fun with DD at a kitschy gift shop; she takes after her father mustache-wise).

All that merry-making made reentry into reality feel like a three-ring circus, and left me with a certain empathy this guy:

Jo┼że Gal [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

What with one thing and another (books to finish writing, deadlines approaching, THE VERY FABRIC OF TIME SPEEDING UP AT AN EXPONENTIAL RATE!!! know, the usual), my humps were starting to droop!

Something had to give. Alas, it was the blogosphere. I probably could have thrown up some quick posts, but then I would have felt guilty about not having the time to read and leave comments at all the other blogs I follow. And I hate feeling guilty.*

Anyway, sorry if you've missed my bright and shining presence (ha!) in the comments section of your blog. I'm hoping things will settle down soon, but I might be scarcer than usual for a while longer. You know, until after I bend my characters to my will and beat this latest plot into submission. Bwah-ha-hah! *arms self with big writing stick*

*I'm posting today because I've had a few people ask (A.) whether I'm still alive, and (B.) if I'd finally run out of camels. 

Answers: (A.) Last I checked, and (B.) Apparently not.

Happy Hump Day! Hope you're staying perky. :)