Virtual Appearances:

Mighty Thor Jrs (click here) Ever wonder what my books have in common with a crazy-sounding Korean dish called "Army Base Stew"? And Frankenstein's monster? Well, here's your answer!

XOXO After Dark (click here): Wherein I divulge seven celebrities who just might be aura adaptors. Come on, you know you're curious. ;)

The Qwillery (click here): An interview with moi! Yes, I give my usual smartass answers. Or do I? *waggles eyebrows* Also contain a big giveaway--the winner will receive ALL FOUR Ciel Halligan books!

File 770 Mike Glyer's News of Science Fiction Fandom (click here to read): Wherein I discuss continuity and loofahs. (What? Loofahs are important.)

Heroes and Heartbreakers (click here to read): You Know Your Love Life is Complicated When ... 8 Signs You Might Be Dating a Paranormal Creature. 

[Links will be added as the posts go live.] 

From the Shadows (author E.J. Stevens' blog--click here to read): An interview with, oddly enough, moi

kc dyer's blog (click here to read): Fun interview! (Well, I certainly had fun, anyway.)

Campaign for the American Reader (click here to read): What am I reading? Here's a recent fave. 

Between Dreams and Reality (click here to read): Here's where I interview Ciel. In English and French! (Okay, so Melliane translated for me. I still think it counts.) Plus, there's an international giveaway of a signed copy of THE BIG FIX. 

My Guilty Obsession (click here to read): In which I explain why triangles aren't boring, except perhaps in Trig class. 

In the Shade of the Cherry Tree (click here to read): I am interviewed by the lovely Zan Marie, in which I compare my publishing journey to sliding barefoot across a frozen pond strewn with banana peels. Among other things.

No Bent Spines (click here to read): Sharing my four favorite book-to-movie adaptions. Come on. You know you're dying to know what they are. Say hi while you're there! :)