Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Writer, a Camel, and Monty Python all walked into a bar...

Okay, who misses the camels? 

One person that I know of, at least. You know who you are. 

In case anyone else has been pining for camel pics*, here ya go:

Photo courtesy of

I love the smile on this camel's face. Makes you wonder what it's thinking. 

Hmm. What is this camel thinking? Something nice? Something naughty? Something totally outrageous?

I know! Why don't you decide? 

Caption-the-Camel Contest:

1. Study the picture.
2. Imagine yourself to be the camel. (If you're into method acting, that is. Otherwise, skip this step. It's not like I'll ever know the difference.)
3. Tell me in a comment what "you're" thinking.
4. Amuse me! Move me! Enlighten me! Make me groan! (Your choice. You don't have to do all of them.)
5. You know I'm difficult to offend, but do try to keep in within the realm of decency. If you find that you, in your new camel persona, are thinking bad words, mask them in the customary way ("@#$!"). Trust me, I'll fill in the blanks just fine. ;)

The First Ten participants will receive a free download of PRE-FIX (if you want it; if you already have it, you may transfer it to another party, or simply receive my gratitude for the smile you've no doubt given me).

The Writer of the Caption I Like Best (hint: this typically involves laughter on my part--I love to laugh), will receive a free pre-order of THE BIG FIX. Even if you're not in the first ten, you're still eligible for the main prize. (Again, this is transferable. Might I add that books make a great gift?)

Let's give it a week. The caption contest will end at 8 a.m. EDT next Wednesday, May 6, whereupon another camel will announce the winner. 

(This contest is US only, I'm afraid. But never fear, within a few weeks, in a guest post I'm doing on another blog, there will be an international contest! Details to follow.)

On your mark ...
Get set ...

*As opposed to pining for the fjords.**

**Yes, that was a gratuitous Monty Python reference.***

***If you don't know Monty Python ... oh, come on. Nobody doesn't know Monty Python. But if your memory is cloudy on the Dead Parrot sketch, here's a refresher:

P.S. Yes, I know. There is no bar. The camel, Monty Python, and I are not, in fact, having a drinking contest. Which is sad, because that probably would have been fun. Sorry about that! (Geez, writers will say anything for attention, won't they?)