Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Caption this Lazy Camel & Win CANDY!

What is this poor dromedary*--who can't be bothered to stand--thinking? 

I'd caption it myself, but I have a To Do list as long as Rapunzel's hair to get through today. So I'm counting on you. 

Come on. You know you want to entertain me! 

Okay, candy. You want candy. Have you tried Trader Joe's chocolate covered Sea Salt Butterscotch caramels? 

Yowzers. These things are GOOD. Addictive, really. (No, I'm not being paid to endorse these things. Though if Trader Joe's somehow got the notion to up and send me a case of them, I wouldn't turn it away.)

Caption contest will close Tuesday, April 1, at noon Eastern Daylight Time. Winner to be announced next Wednesday (Apr. 2). Contest open wherever the USPS will let me send candy. 

*Photo credit goes to my darling daughter. Thanks, sweetie!

P.S. TG just asked me if I'd seen the "Shared Notes and Highlights" section of the Amazon Kindle page for In a Fix. (Just click on the link & scroll down to get to it.) Apparently when you read on a Kindle you can share your thoughts (or, in this case, your favorite quotes) with other readers by highlighting them as you read. Um...interesting selections, is all I can say. Well, that and I sincerely hope my mother doesn't scroll down. ;) 

Okay, now put on your thinking caps and caption that camel! 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What's all this talk about "hybrids"?

Seems like everywhere you look in the author corner of the blogosphere you see another post about hybrids. Hybrid this, hybrid that, yadda-yadda-hybrid-yadda. 

Huh. Well, okay. I can get with the program. 

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.
What? Looks like a hybrid to me. A camel-sheep hybrid.

Okay, that's not exactly the kind of hybrid all those other writers mean. They're referring to traditionally published authors who choose to self-publish some of their work, and self-published authors who decide to go with traditional houses when the opportunity arises.

I haven't tried to hybridize myself (not yet, anyway--who knows what the future might hold?), but I like the idea of it. Because why does it have to be an either/or thing? 

I've read passionate posts about how traditional publishing is the only "legitimate" way to go, and equally passionate posts about indie publishing being the wave of the future for "intelligent" authors who wish to control their own destiny. 

But must it always devolve into yet another Us vs. Them situation? Don't we have enough of that kind of rivalry? Liberals vs. conservatives, democrats vs. republicans, employed moms vs. stay-at-home-moms, my team vs. your team, dark chocolate vs. milk chocolate, Billy vs. Mark...frankly, all the bickering gets annoying after a while.

Which is why I like the idea of hybrid authors. I guess I'm just a peace-maker at heart.

More and more trad authors are venturing into the indie realm for the sake of control. And there are plenty of indie authors who would leap at the chance to be traditionally published. 

Seems to me keeping your mind open to all the publishing possibilities is a good thing. 

But, of course, you're entitled to your own opinion. Feel free to share it in the comments. Rant, even, if you feel strongly one way or the other. I rather enjoy reading other people's rants. 

If you have no opinion on the indie/trad/hybrid debate, tell me:

What you think of my hybrid camel-sheep*. Cute? Or just wrong? 

Milk chocolate or dark chocolate?

Billy or Mark? 

Or are you in the "why choose if you don't have to" camp? 

*Yes, I know it's only a fuzzy camel, not really a camel-sheep. Work with me here... 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Holy Hump Day! What IS that I see? Could it be...

Look what I found in my my front yard this week:


You know what that means. Spring is coming. In fact, we're supposed to get up to the low 70s today! 

Granted, there will storms later this evening, followed by a 35-40 degree temperature plunge tonight, and tomorrow is looking distinctly non-short-sleeve-friendly, but hey, let's just take it one day at a time. It's supposed to warm up again over the weekend, so I'd say things are definitely...

Photo courtesy of my darling daughter.
...looking up!

(Come on. You knew I'd sneak a camel in here somewhere.)

Question of the Day: What do you think that camel is looking at?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


No, not me, silly. I'm talking about my buddy Lyla Payne's upcoming book. Today is the big cover reveal, and I'm so pleased to share it here!

[Photo credit: Iona Nicole Photography, cover design credit to Eisley Jacobs, both at Complete Pixels.]

Isn't that a gorgeous cover? Hey, you wanna see the whole cover? Of course you do! 

Click here to see the cover reveal post on Lyla's website. (Which, admittedly, looks much like the reveal here. *grin*)

Learn more about Not Quite Dead (and Lyla's other fabulous books!) here:

Best of all? You can win a copy!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hey, what are you waiting for? Enter! WIN! Enjoy. And good luck. :)

Edited to Add: The giveaway is open internationally!