Friday, March 4, 2011

The Why Not Winner!

Last Friday I had a little contest in which the contestants were asked to give their best answer to the burning quesion:

Why not? 

The person who gave the best answer (as determined by my subjective opinion) was to win a *PRIZE!* selected by me. Said prize was to be silly and/or edible.

I think I have hit upon a good combo of silly and edible. First, this charming green pen, suitable for tackling those REALLY BIG writing projects, like novels:

(Silver pen and 8" x 11" piece of paper are there to show the scale; not included in prize package.)

Next up, help for those days you really have to push yourself to get started: 

If that's not enough, you can add oomph with some Bolt Cola (jelly beans):

It even comes with its own bottle opener:

And finally, a laser projector... remind you that you'll be a star one day:

(Look closely. That's really a star it's projecting, I promise.)

The WINNER of these fabulous prizes:

Abby Mumford!!!

Abby's answer: 

"WHY NOT? Because in a parallel universe, someone is asking why? and in a different universe, someone is getting an answer, the very answer you seek. And then if you come back around to here, you're still asking the question why not instead of realizing you already know the answer.

Yeah, that's why not." 

I thought that really captured the existential nature of the question. Plus, it references parallel universes, and we all know from my recent post on the subject, I dig parallel universe theory.

Abby, if you'll email me you address at linda(dot)grimes(at)gmail(dot)com, I'll send you you prizes. 

Everyone else: Great answers! And please stay tuned for future inane contests with silly prizes. :)

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