Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More for the Verifictionary, aka Desperate for a Blog Topic

Remember the verifictionary

Well, I've been continuing to make the blog rounds, so I've come across more security "words" in those annoying* boxes that pop up to make sure you are, indeed, a human being and not a spam-bot.

Recently Found: 

ovenato -- A roasted tomato.

ovadu-- What a book is when you don't return it to the library on time. 

muledg -- How many miles you get per bale of hay with your mule.

fulti --What Dolly Parton's undershirt is.

oppeat -- When you have to do the op over again. 

pitysin -- What a bad boy does when he feels sorry for you.

expolo --Something that is no longer a popular men's fragrance. 

exilk -- Someone who used to be of a certain ilk, but is no longer. 

swoodium -- Little known member of the Periodic Table of Elements. Being in its presence makes people first stiffen like a board, and then faint.

irings--What your iPhone does.

bimander -- A salamander that swings both ways.

inona -- What you are with a joke when you know about it and somebody else doesn't.

Have you guys been playing the game, too? Come across any good ones?

*Yes, I know why people use them. They serve a very useful purpose. Spam is a nasty thing, and nobody likes to deal with it. Those anti-spam words guard the gate. Kind of like parents with their children. Doesn't mean they're not annoying. Some useful things are very annoying. Kind of like parents with...yeah.**

**(Yes, I'm footnoting my footnote. Tres outrageous of me, yes?) See, I do remember what it was like to be a teenager. Vaguely.

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