Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Factoids from the Zoo

Last Monday was a gorgeous day, so TG and I went to the zoo. 

Some National Zoo things you may or may not already know:

1. An agitated zebra sounds remarkably like a growling donkey -- a really fearsome braying noise. Was quite surprised to hear this for myself at the zoo on Monday.

2. There was a time when the National Zoo actually served lion meat in a restaurant right there at the zoo. As far as I know, their cheeseburgers are now made with 100 % beef.

3. No matter which way you walk at the National Zoo, it will be uphill.

4. Admission to the National Zoo is free. However, they make up for it with the $15 parking fee and the $10 burger combo meals.

5. Orangutan hair feels quite wiry, kind of like a horse's tail, only stiffer.

6. No matter how nice they make the animal enclosures -- and some are quite deluxe -- I can't help but feel it's still a prison. (That's a tiger lounging by the water. He seemed bored.)

7. Emus are weird-looking, and they can kill you with a well-placed kick. They have very sharp toenails. Never stand behind an emu.

Yeah, that's it for my Friday post. Our heat pump is busted, and I'm waiting for the repairman to come out and flabbergast me with the cost of the repair. Puts me kind of a ...

...*cough* fowl mood.

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