Monday, January 3, 2011

30 (OMG!!) Years of Wedded Hilarity

So, here's the card I got from the LOML* this morning:

And the inside:

You can see why I married him. I laughed until the tears rolled down my face. Even after thirty (!!!) years, he can still crack me up. Anyone who's been reading this blog for long knows how important that is to me.

(Okay, so he also got me a sappy-sweet card--he's the King of Getting Me Two Cards for Every Occasion--but that one's just for me.)

It was the second time I lost it laughing over this anniversary. First of all, 30 FREAKIN' YEARS? Seriously, how'd that happen? Sure, we were mere babies when we tied the knot, but that's still an awfully long time. Makes us officially Old People, or something. Which is odd, because we don't feel old**.

Anyway, the other day, in the middle of all the crazy Christmas/Birthday (son-in-law was born on Christmas Day)/New-Year's partying, it occurred to me that thirty was kind of a big anniversary, and I wanted to plan something other than our usual we're-both-homebodies-and-worn-out-from-the-holidays-so-let's-just-have-a-quiet-evening-at-home celebration.

Not really knowing where to begin, I did what I always do -- I googled it. Came upon a web page full of suggestions for how to celebrate a thirtieth anniversary, ranging from dinner and a show to trips to Australia. (A trip to Australia is a little rich for our blood, and a show? Come on. TG works well over a hundred shows a year. No way will I subject him to that.)

But the part that looked really interesting was the "romantic" suggestion. The article recommended donning something sexy and meeting hubs in the bedroom. And (this is the part that had me rolling) it cautioned "Don't forget to dim the lights!)

Ganted, I probably do look better in dim lights these days, but really, TG doesn't seem to mind.

So, what I think we'll do is go out to our favorite restaurant. I'll have a Manhattan and TG will have a martini. We'll order the prime rib, and we'll laugh together over what fun ride our marriage has been. We'll make a few plans for how we'll spend our next thirty years together, and then we'll come home early.

And we'll leave the lights on, thank you very much. Because we still look damn fine to each other. :)

*Love of my Life

**Most of the time. There are the odd creaky mornings here and there, but since that happened even when we were in our twenties, I don't count it so much.

P.S. The 30th is traditionally the Pearl Anniversary, so if you have any pearls of wisdom to offer, feel free. 


Elizabeth Flora Ross said...

You certainly don't need any pearls of wisdom from me, especially concerning marriage. Of course, as you know from reading my recent post, my parents are about to celebrate 50 years, and they taught me that laughter is essential. So I think you and TG are in very good shape!

Happy Anniversary! :)

Teri Anne Stanley said...

This is so very cool! We will celebrate 20 years in a couple of months (if we don't kill each other first). It's amazing how much time has changed things. For example, last night I finally decided that "Alpha Male" is a much better descriptor than "Big Butthead Control Freak".

Anne Gallagher said...

You are a very lucky lady. Congratulations. I've never made it beyond 3 years so I have absolutely no pearls of wisdom.

Ha! Leave the lights on ~ You saucy wench!

Jessica Lemmon said...

Congrats on 30 years! Mr. Lemmony and hit 12 last fall and God willing, will live long enough to hit 30 and beyond.

I'm a big marriage fan. If marriage was a football game, I'd be there wearing my team warpaint. It's challenging, it's tedious but most importantly, if you've snagged the right person, it's FUN!

Sounds like you did, Linda!

Bess Weatherby said...

Congratulations on thirty years, Linda! That's incredible. And I'm incredibly jealous. Still looking for mr right ...

out of the wordwork said...

Linda! Congratulations on 30 years of marriage. It is amazing, isn't it? I'm still reeling over our recent 20th. I'm glad you're doing something to celebrate - not because it is a milestone year. But because both of you still treasure each other. That is something that is very rare in this world. And pearls of wisdom? Honey, with your track record YOU should be shelling those out!
Have a wonderful celebration.

Melissa Gill said...

Congratulations on #30. I just hopped over from Tara's blog. It sounds like you've found the key to a successful marriage, a great sense of humor.

Summer Frey said...

Congratulations! That card is a real hoot. :)

I love seeing married couples happy and reaching big milestones. Gives me even more confidence in the LOML and my marriage (3 years come May).

Susan Adrian said...

Oh, CONGRATULATIONS!! You guys are a shining example. :))

And your way of spending it sounds perfect!

demery said...

Happy New Year and Happy Anniversary, Linda! Each time you write about TG and you I sit up and pay attention... because through your writing you share pearls of wisdom with me. Here's what I've gleaned so far: laugh a lot, enjoy the simple things, appreciate your spouse for who he is, don't take life too seriously, and celebrate the goodness your life together brings. Thank you! Great encouragement for me... my hubby and I just celebrated 14 years. Hope we can arrive at 30 with as much joy and love as you two.

Unknown said...

This is lovely. Congratulations and may you spend many more years cracking each other up, coming home early and leaving the lights on.

Candyland said...

Oh wow. Congrats on thirty! I hope to get there. The best part is that you *get* each other.


Awww...happy anniversary!

And leave those lights blazing! Set the place on fire if you want :)


Kristina said...

As hawt as you are, y'all prolly don't even need lights to light up things. :) Congratulations on 30 years and on going the distance. You are awesome!

Elizabeth Ryann said...

Aww, that's so cool. I feel all girly-sniffly with how sweet it all is. Maybe you should have oysters, though. Aren't they both an aphrodisiac and producer of pearls? Parties should have a theme, right?

Anyway, congrats to you both!!

abby mumford said...

oh me, oh my! 30 years? CONGRATULATIONS!

it seems that laughter and bright lighting are the keys to success here. duly noted.

JentheAmazing said...

I loved everything about this post. I hope you and TG have a fantastic celebration and keep on laughing together. Laughter makes the best relationships!

To 30 more years and always leaving the lights on!

Andora Brokaw said...

Happy anniversary! And thank you for posting this sweet story. There has been an absolute run on divorces among people I know lately and it does me good to be reminded that there are a lot of successful marriages out there too. You guys sound like me and my beloved and I hope that's still true when we hit the thirty year mark. :)

Linda G. said...

E. Flora -- Thank you! I'm counting on laughing my way to 50 years with TG.

Teri Anne -- LOL! Much like TG must sometimes think that "strong woman" is a better descriptor for than "Queen Bitch of the World." ;)

Anne -- I AM a lucky lady, and I know it. :)

Jessica -- 12 is a darn good start. :)

Bess -- Thanks! Don't worry. Your Mr. Right will come along, probably when you're least expecting it. Just keep your eyes--and heart--open. :)

Nelsa -- Thank you. It IS amazing. Amazing how darn fast it whizzes by.

Melissa -- Thanks for popping over. :) And I find a sense of humor helps everything.

Summer -- Aw. You're still newlyweds. You'll be astounded at how quickly you can go from 3 to 30. ;)

Suze -- Thanks! :)

Demery -- Thanks! Happy New Year to you, too. 14 years? You're almost halfway here. ;)

Jeannie -- That's the plan. :)

Candyland -- Yeah, "getting" each other is a big plus. Don't know how we'd manage otherwise. :)

Tawna -- Thanks! I'll call the fire department and put them on standby, just in case. ;)

Kristina -- Awww. Thanks. *blushing*

Elizabeth R -- LOL! I'll see if the restaurant has any oysters. TG loves them.

Abby -- Thank you! Though if the lighting is too bright, it helps to take off your glasses. ;)

Jen -- Thanks! We think so, too. :)

Andy -- You're so welcome. I'm always happy to hear of other long-term successful marriages, too. :)

Dianne K. Salerni said...

The card is FANTASTIC! For your 40th anniversary, you could get really wild and switch sides of the bed!

Congratulations on your 30th anniversary, and I approve of your plans. (You know I love a good cocktail.) And -- lights on or off, make sure you have a good time!!!

Tara said...

Love that card. Happy 30th! I'll be hitting 18 this year. No, really - I got married at 10. Yeah, that's it. Ten.

Steph Schmidt said...

That card is downright adorkable! Stories like yours feel like a lifeline when one is soooo tempted to say screw relationships after another dud. Fingers crossed there are more TG's in this world.

Congrats & hoping you enjoy many more.

Linda G. said...

Dianne -- LOL! Switch sides of the bed? Now, that's just crazy talk. And thanks -- we had a wonderful time. :)

Tara -- You waited until you were 10? TG and I married at 8. ;)

SM -- You will find your TG when the time is right for you. Trust me. I know these things. (Have I mentioned I'm psychic?)

courtney said...

I. Love. This. Entry.

(And that card! Haaaah!)

Happy anniversary to you both. :)

Linda G. said...

Thanks, Courtney! :)

Michele Shaw said...

Congrats, Linda! It's wonderful to see people keeping it real and together. Marriage ain't easy, but we can only hope to follow your great example. Isn't laughter always the key?

Lola Sharp said...

Awww....HAPPY 30th Anniversary Linda and TG!! ✩♡✩

I agree, humor is the key to a successful marriage. Nary a day passes that my husband doesn't crack me up with his wit, even after all these years.

Blaze away, you brave woman! Maybe you need to install stadium lights in your bedroom? ;) (yipes. NOT me. I prefer dim flattering candlelight.)

Happy 2011 and may you and TG keep burning the flame.

COLM O'RIAIN said...

congrats but my wife Marian and I beat you on the marriage stakes by one year! 31 now but whose counting? Agree humour is the essence of longevity but you got off lightly with card. Check out grandad/granny one on my sept 2010 blog:'Have fun but wipe that smile off your Face'.Love your blog, keep us smiling in 2011.