Monday, January 10, 2011

I can't blog straight--I'm still hungry!

Short post today. I'm blaming Kelly Breakey. She's the one who slyly sent a copy of this: my Kindle. She's sneaky like that.

I am co-blaming Karla Nellenbach and Abby Mumford, because they participated in the Twitter exchange wherein I was bullied into reading, um, convinced I needed to read this book. 

So that's what I'm doing. Finally reading The Hunger Games. And enjoying the heck out of it, despite the fact that I have no fondness for dystopian novels. But don't tell Kelly, Karla, or Abby. They might get big heads.

I'll let you know the final verdict when I'm done. I've already cried once (yeah, there). If this ends badly, heads are gonna roll. I mean, I still haven't recovered from what happened to Beth in Little Women, and I read that when I was ten. (Yes, I realize Little Women isn't dystopian. But still.) I'm sensitive, people.

(Yeah, badasses can be sensitive. Because we're complex.)

While I'm reading, tell me -- is there any type of book you tend to avoid? Have you ever read something you thought you wouldn't like and wound up enjoying it?

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