Monday, January 31, 2011

What do mean it's not a word? It's in my verifictionary!

Some of you may have seen me around the the blogosphere. I visit--and comment on--a lot of blogs. Many of them use "word verification" to keep the spam bots at bay. A box of random letters pops up, and if you can't copy the sometimes fuzzy, sometimes squiggly and wiggly letters correctly, you don't get to leave a comment.

This makes the whole commenting process longer, which I used to find annoying (in a minor way), but now I've decided I rather enjoy it.

Because I turned it into a game!

It's a simple game, really. I just try to come up with definitions for the "words" that pop up.

Come on. You've done this, too, haven't you? As an avid reader, it's tough to see a random grouping of letters that doesn't signify something. So my brain has to assign it a meaning.

Here are a few recent entries in my Word Verification Dictionary, aka The Verifictionary:

poottiv -- flatulent.  "Pardon me. That bean burrito I ate for lunch has made me rather poottiv."

logion --  a legion of people who regularly log on to the same web site.

doologi -- the science of "doing." 

chesshi -- how chess players greet each other.

copit -- what you do with "a feel."

fortricl -- a small fort. "The kids didn't have enough wood to build a fort, so they settled for a fortricl."

comisse -- what you say when you commiserate with someone. "Yo, dude. I commisse."

cellon -- a close relative of the cello, only melon-shaped.

Have you come across any odd "words" during your blog crawl today? Let me know -- I'll add them to my verifictionary.

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