Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Have An Ice Hump Day!

[DISCLAIMER: This post was actually composed yesterday. Yes, you are looking into my past*. Someday soon I hope to figure out how to write posts from tomorrow, and give you a peek into my future.]


I don't like it. 

Not even in my drinks.

It's frigid and slippery,

And driving in it stinks.

There's nothing like a quarter inch of ice coating your driveway to make you appreciate snow. Snow can surely be a pain in the patoot, but for sheer You Do Not Want To Walk On This-iveness, with a dash of You Can't Shovel This Without Hurting Yourself-iveness, you can't beat ice. 

Thankfully, TG took care of the chipping/shoveling-of-shards. I would have helped, but I'm still suffering from Kindle Thumb. (Yeah. I may have been overusing my new toy just a tad.) Gripping the shovel handle was not on my dance card. 

But there is one kind of ice I don't mind so much. Ice sculptures. Here's one in honor of Hump Day:

Here are a few others I like:

And TG is fond of this one:

It just goes to show you -- even something you don't like can have its good points. (Hmm. I might want to remember that when I'm dreaming up my villains. It's hard to see the good side of somebody you hate, but surely it must be there, even if it's hiding beneath the A**-holey-ness.)

Sorry about the brevity of this post, but...yeah. Kindle Thumb. Hmm. (Again.) I wonder how well ice works on Kindle Thumb...

*Well, except for this disclaimer, which was written this morning. Because otherwise it wouldn't make sense, would it? (Whoa. Did I just write a disclaimer disclaimer?)

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