Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Freakiness

The internet is a weird and wondrous place, full of amazing things. It's an incomparable research tool, and I love most of what I find there. But lately I've seen some things that FREAK ME OUT.

1. Hairless cats. I like fur on my felines. Not to be too indelicate about it, but without the fur it must be like petting a scrotum. (Is it bad to say that? Should I have said "manbag" instead?) Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, mind you. Except if it meows at you. Also, aren't they cold? (The cats, not the...never mind.) Just looking at this one makes me want to knit it a sweater. Or a cat cozy. Or something. Maybe a really big jockstrap?

2. Horny people. Did you know people can grow horns? Cheese-Louise. I didn't. But looky here. You wouldn't want to bump heads with this lady. Or, uh, man. *Peers closely* Kinda hard to say for sure. You know, if I start growing something like that, I might be tempted to keep it filed down. Like Hellboy.  

3. Gigonzo false eyelashes. A little lash enhancement is one thing, but these? They look like something about to spin a cocoon. How can she even lift her lids? 

On a related note, what's up with mascara that claims to make your eyelashes look false? This is a plus? Boy, am I ever behind the times. I thought the whole idea was to look natural. If you want your eyelashes look false, then why not, you know, just wear the flippin' false eyelashes?

Okay, I'm through freaking out now. How about you? Have you seen anything freaky while surfing...

...the web lately?

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