Monday, September 26, 2011

Banned Books Week, a Guest Post by TG

I'm a little busy following a hot idea down a plot trail in my current WIP, so I asked TG if he'd mind filling in for me today. Since he's a total sweetie-pie, he agreed.

Take it away, TG!

Greetings, fellow Linda-philes. I am honored, and more than a little bit humbled, to be able to leave my mark in the corner of my soul mate’s cyberspace sanctum sanctorum. I am told that this is “Band Books Week” and that I should limit my ramblings to Band Books. Well, music lovers, you are in luck. Having spent the past thirty years producing, mixing, and recording live music, this is a subject near and dear to my heart.

Over the years, I have acquired a few Band Books, Here (in no particular order) are some of my favorites:

The Best Fake Book Ever, by the Hal-Leonard Corporation. Chords and lyrics to over 1000 songs for those times when you are asked to play something your band hasn't rehearsed and has no intention of ever rehearsing. It is a good collection of well-known tunes, but I think the title really should be “The Best Fake Book For Now” to allow for future improvement.

X-Ray;The Unauthorized Autobiography, by Ray Davies, the legendary front-man of  The Kinks. Interesting read from a member of the “if you can remember it, you weren't there” generation. I mostly like it because Ray gave me a signed copy after the show.

The Beatles Unseen Archive, compiled by Tim Hill and Marie Clayton. Duh! It's The Beatles. Also, if you can still make money off a band that hasn't been together for more than thirty years, go for it.

The Musician's Guide to the Road-A Survival Handbook & All-Access Backstage Pass to Touring, by Susan Voelz. Susan, a classical violinist, wrote this book about her time touring with Texas Roots Rocker, Alejandro Escovedo. Fun and useful read for anybody remotely connected to the business. After all, what could be more important than knowing the correct bathroom etiquette  while riding in a rock 'n roll tour bus?

In closing, all these books... Wait. Linda is trying to talk to me... What?! Banned Books? Well, that is something entirely different. I don't believe in them.


Sarah Tokeley said...

Now this? This is an awesome post. And what exactly IS the correct bathroom etiquette on a rock 'n roll tour bus?

Anne Gallagher said...

Thanks TG for your list of Band Books. I'd like to read the Ray Davies. "If you can remember it, you weren't there" which is why I have a stalwart and true friend who reminds me of every stupid thing I ever did way back when.

And you're right, there is no such thing as a banned book. Only ones that haven't been read.

Linda G. said...

Sarah -- I'm told by TG that polite passengers wait for rest stops to take care of any *cough* "major business." You know, in the interest of maintaining a pleasant, er, atmosphere. So to speak. The bus bathroom should be reserved for emergencies only.

Anne -- LOL! That's what stalwart friends are for.

Tara said...

TG, I think you may be more awesome than Linda (no small feat - and from what Linda leads us to believe, your feet aren't small either *cough*).

But, do *not* tell her I said that. Any of it.

Jessica Lemmon said...

Band, banned, lol! I see what you did there. Thanks for the laughs, TG!

Trisha Leigh said...

It's nice to meet the infamous TG, and nice post. I mean, we still miss LInda, of course, but if you pour us a Manhattan we're likely to feel better :)

Karen Jones Gowen said...

Band Books LOL, awesome post!

Steph Schmidt said...

Oh TG! Not believing in banned books is excellent.


This is freakin' hysterical!!!!!


Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Band books, eh? Too funny. The Grimes family shares a terrific sense of humor.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Ha! That's awesome!

Elise Skidmore said...

Great post--it's easy to see you belong together.

Linda G. said...

Tara -- Hey, I can see you! *grin* Oh, and I decided to date TG after tripping over his feet the first time I met him. ;)

Jessica -- You're quite welcome. I know I speak for TG when I say thanks for reading. (I know because he's sitting here next to me and told me so.)

Trisha -- I guarantee one of TG's Manhattans will make you feel better.

Karen -- Thanks. :)

Steph -- Yeah, I agree. :)

Tawna -- Always happy to provide you with a laugh. Oh, and love your excessive use of exclamation points!!!!!

Susan -- The essential quality in any marriage, I feel. Well, that and big feet. ;)

Jennifer -- Thanks! :)

Elise -- Yup. I believe I'll keep him. :)

TG said...

Thanks, everybody, for the kind comments and making me feel so welcome.

Kimberly Sabatini said...

Hi TG!!!! Nice to "meet" you. :o) BTW-you're cheeky and I like that LOL!

Elisabeth Black said...

Funny! Also well-written. Has TG thought of becoming a novelist?

Michele Shaw said...

Ha ha! I wanna live at your house! You guys must be laughing non-stop:)

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Awesome post, TG, and love your interpretation of Band Books Week! Thanks for explaining the band bus bathroom etiquette, in case I want to suddenly discover my inner-groupie-side in my mid-40's. :D

And Linda, how wonderful that you have TG to cover for you when you're crunched! I, too, have my pinch-hitter -- 11 year old daughter Gina.

Judy,Judy,Judy. said...

I'm such a dope - I didn't read to the end before I decided my friend would love 'band' book week. So I sent her the link to your post and then came back and read. Needless to say I had to send a second never-mind post. Laughing at myself now.
Funny, TG, funny.
Wouldn't band book week be cool, though?

Al said...

Too busy writing?
At least that is a good thing!

Kelly Breakey said...

I'm with TG on this one. I don't believe in banned books either. But Band books.

But seriously how could he leave out Bon Jovi: When we were beautiful? Or Days of Hope and Dreams: An Intimate Portrait of Bruce Springsteen? Maybe I should have a word with him? Or at least send him copies.