Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday is for Minor Irritants


It's not the big things. The big things you can dig your heels in and deal with.

It's the tiny, pesky things that, cumulatively, really start to frost you. (Well, by "you," I of course mean "me.")

Such as:

Dental floss that breaks in the middle of flossing.

 The garbage truck coming an hour earlier than it ever has before, so you miss it and have keep stinky garbage around until the next pick-up day, when the truck comes so late your embarrassingly overflowing can has to stay by the curb

The grocery store being out of the one thing you really need.

When you forget you're wearing your contact lenses and accidentally rub your eye, pushing the lens up God knows where under your eyelid.

When the brilliant idea for your WIP evaporates somewhere between your brain and your fingers as you type. (Heh. If only it were this easy...)

Out. Of. CHOCOLATE!! (Okay, that's really a major irritant.)

Those squirrelly two-second power outages--just long enough that you have to reset all the digital clocks in the house.

When the guy with the Harley across the street idles it for-freakin'-ever, early in the morning, on a day you (again, by "you," I mean "me") could be sleeping in.

Trigger-powered spray bottles that inexplicably stop working when there is still liquid in them.

Shoestrings that break at inopportune moments.

Care to add to the list? What are your minor irritants? Go ahead. Get it off your chest. You'll feel better.


Jessica Lemmon said...

Every nice day our neighbor idles his Harley at approximately 6:50. For approximately 20 minutes.


Other little irritants? Starting to make a recipe and THEN realizing there are no eggs. Getting fries in the drive-thru that are a) old or b) overdone. And one more just to round out my gripe list: Walking upstairs and leaving my cell phone downstairs, or walking downstairs and leaving it upstairs. I do this often. You'd think I'd be thinner...

Adriana said...

ugh. i do the thing with the contacts all the time! another one that comes to mind is waking up 15-20 minutes before the alarm -- which is so not enough time to fall back asleep! and i'm with you on the lack of chocolate -- that's major! :)

Tara said...

Children, who have been going to school for 3 1/2 years now, who cannot manage to get their shoes on by the time we have to leave for school. Grr.

I always love your blog :)

Bill Cameron said...

Two things, one self-created.

First, blister packs. Just put the damn medicine in a damn bottle. I should not need an acetylene torch to get access to my antihistamine.

Second, despite making a list and checking it throughout the grocery store trip, I somehow manage to not remember the one thing I really needed.

Linda G. said...

Jessica -- Ah, so you feel my Harley pain. So sorry. I avoid the recipe angst by simply not cooking. The fries...ugh. I hate that too. But I only use my cell phone when I'm out, so it's always in my purse.

Adriana -- I sleep MUCH better if I don't have to set an alarm. Just knowing one will go off in the morning is enough to ruin a night's sleep for me.

Tara -- Thanks! :) Re the kiddos: take heart. They do eventually grow up.

Bill -- YES!! I HATE blister packs. I always either break a nail (I know--horrors) or mangle the stupid pill.

Steph Schmidt said...

Alarm failing to go off entirely. Running to class has become all too familiar a habit.

Someone turning up the toast dial up to charcoal burnt and then forgetting to turn it back down to normal happy toast setting.

Mondays & me are no longer on speaking terms.

abby mumford said...

things to add to the minor annoyances list:

picking up the phone right as the call is sent to voicemail.

people reading over my shoulder.

Karen Jones Gowen said...

How about Monday IS a minor irritant? No, I take that back, it's a MAJOR irritant.

Candyland said...

HA! You just lasted almost everything that's happened to me today. Except our outage lasted 3 hours and woke us all up at 2am.

Elizabeth Ryann said...

I woke up really early this morning because my right arm was completely asleep. Irritating! And then painful. And then back to functioning so that I could go back to sleep. Which I did. Eventually. Then had to wake up way too soon. And of course I'm still sleepy now. Mondays are stupid.

How's that for grouchy irritation?

Kelly Breakey said...

I hate when I call someone in customer service and they are bitchy. Listen, I didn't tell you to do this job, but since you here and getting paid and all do you think you could find it somewhere under neath all that snark to HELP me since your title is customer service anyway?????

Elizabeth Ryann said...

Apparently I posted my irritant too early. I was sharing a PO for a pitch, and my coworker told me to "Pitch it real good!" And then my Glee playlist started playing "Push It" soon after.

This song WILL NOT get out of my head. And it's driving me crazy that I can't sing it, but it seems like a bad choice for the office if someone should walk by.

Dianne K. Salerni said...

How about people who hit "Reply to All" when their email doesn't really contain any information -- or information that only involves the sender and not everybody else.

There is someone at work who often responds to General Staff emails by hitting Reply to All and typing: "Super!" or "Thanks for sharing!" Why is she clogging up my in-box with sunny sentiments of no import???

Am I just being cranky? You can tell me ...

Sage Ravenwood said...

Never fails, the minute I finish mopping the floor one of the cats upchucks a hairball.

I'm so with you on the grocery store, running out of the one thing you need. More than likely you make the discovery after you've gotten all the other ingredients in your cart.

Lately I'm missing bag boys at the grocery store. I'm beginning to think they're extinct. (Hugs)Indigo

Linda G. said...

SM -- Oooh, I HATE charcoal toast. Bleah. Hope your Tuesday toast is better. :)

Abby -- Ugh. Both of those annoy the heck out of me, too.

KarenG -- That seems to be the consensus today. :(

Candyland -- Yuck. A 3-hour outage is even worse than a blip. Yuck.

Elizabeth -- You do grouchy irritation very well. Also, ugh on the "Push It." Ear worms are the worst.

Dianne -- Oh, good one! You'd think people would be extra careful with that Reply All button, considering how disastrous the consequences could turn out to be. And if you're cranky, it's perfectly understandable. :)

Thank you guys for all the comments. Comments are the best ANTI-irritants. :)

Linda G. said...

Indigo -- Your comment came in as I was posting mine. My grocery store still has baggers, but they aren't very careful--another grocery store irritant. I hate when my bread gets crushed by canned goods.

Unknown said...

Oh, just Mondays in general. *sigh* I think endless weekends are in order.

demery said...

I'll just take the easy route and go with your list! Too spent from this Monday to think of others. Had a great idea for my WIP this a.m. in the shower - by the time I was dried off it was gone. Booger. And double booger. It was a pulitzer prize winning idea, I'm sure of it.

courtney said...

Oh my God, the contact lens one is terrifying to behold.
Thank goodness I don't wear contact lens.
More now than ever.

Linda G. said...

Jeannie -- Or, at the very least, a switch to 5-day weekends and 2-day work weeks.

Demery -- You may share my list any time. (In fact, just take it. Far, far away.) I get some of my best ideas in the shower, too. Some of them are even for my WIP. ;)

Courtney -- Actually, with soft contacts, it doesn't really hurt that bad. Irritating, yes, but usually not that painful. :)