Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Using Artfully Placed Scarves to Hide Debilitating Mutations" (AKA, I've Been Double-Dog Dared)

You can thank Jeffe Kennedy for inspiring (or perhaps I should say "instigating") what follows in this post. She's the one who double-dog dared me, during a twitter exchange, to write a blog post about the titular (I just love that word--it sounds so titillating (hey, there's another one!)) subject matter.

(Why, yes, I am feeling rather parenthetical this morning.)

Of course, it's equally Sierra Godfrey's fault. She's the one who, in an effort to cheer me up (as you may recall, I was having a rather peevish Monday), reminded me that at least I didn't have "a partially-formed conjoined-but-dead twin growing out of your neck. A plus!"

(I'm forced to agree with her point. That really is a plus.)

Kristina  and Gretchen joined in the conversation, too, so I suppose they should get some of the blame credit. Thanks, ladies!

*ahem* Since I am not one to back away from a Double-Dog Dare, I give you the following: 

Two Heads Are Better Than One

There once was a woman named Fred
Who'd an extra, much smaller, head.
With a scarf she did cover it,
Taking care not to smother it,
Even though it was already dead. 

*bows* Thank you, thank you verra much... (Sorry. Channeling my inner Elvis there.)

Or, in keeping with the theme, if you prefer something from the animal kingdom: 

And lest we forget it's HUMP DAY:

"It's your turn to wear the scarf!"                      "No, it's your turn!"

(Yeah, I know. This post was a little macabre. But we ARE coming up on Halloween, so it's kind of appropriate, right? RIGHT?)


abby mumford said...

ummmmm. yeah, macabre is right. and the conversation that sparked this must have been truly fascinating!

Tara said...

Hahaha. Very Halloweenish [g]

Jessica Lemmon said...

Wow. Thanks, Sierra & Linda. THAT IS SOMETHING TO BE GRATEFUL FOR. LOL, great post!

Jeffe Kennedy said...

I'm trying to recall now what the reward is for completing a Double-Dog Dare challenge. Do I do your homework for a week?

Well done!

Summer Frey said...

Ha, now that's a limerick!!

Kristina said...

Woman, you amaze me!!! You're quite the limerick-maker. :)

But have admit, the image of what lies under the scarf...creeped me out all day. Lol!

Unknown said...

Um....yeah. I'm thinking I missed one helluva a convo. Where I was when this happened?!?!!? *never leaving Twitter again*

demery said...

Oh, Linda. Thanks for being you.

Sierra Godfrey said...

Well, I must say, I do think the conjoined twin comment cheered you up, no?

I think Jeffe came up with the fabulous word for what lurks beneath the scarf..."teratoma" -- fantastic word.

And what an appropriate limerick!

As for being macabre, I apologize, but I do think that stuff is hilarious.

Jeffe Kennedy said...

I actually wrote a short story that was published in Under the Sun about a woman with a teratoma. See how twitter flocks us together?

Unknown said...

Oh I thought for sure this was going to be about rocking *the scarf look*, well, it IS in a way i guess, and I'll never complain about it again!

Linda G. said...

Abby -- Oh, it was. Truly. *blink*

Tara -- Ain't it, though? You never know what inspiration will strike you while Twittering.

Jessica -- Glad it struck your funny bone, too. :)

Jeffe -- I'm pretty sure you have come do my laundry for a week. That's "home" work, right?

Summer -- Thanks! I think. ;)

Kristina -- LOL! Yeah, me too. I had to get into the zen of it. ;)

Karla -- We could've used you in that convo. Yes, you'd better never turn off Twitter again.

Demery -- Thanks. I try to be other people on occasion, but it never works out well.

Sierra -- Well, yes. It did. But then, I have a warped sense of humor.

Jeffe (again) -- Now, I'll bet that is a great story. It's like Twitter mysticism (Twysticism?) brought us together.

pseudosu -- Uh, no. No danger of that. I have NO fashion sense.

Candyland said...

HA! I'd love to have a limerick-off with you after a few beers...

Elizabeth Ryann said...

First: How are you always the first comment on, like, every blog I stumble across? That is verging on supernatural at this point.

Second: I shouldn't have looked at those pictures before going to bed. CREE-PY.

Elisabeth Black said...

Are those for real? I feel so sorry for the poor beasties!

You are truly skilled with limericks. I've been trying to think of one every since reading your last limerick post.

Linda G. said...

Candyland -- Oh, that would be FUN! I'd be up for it any time we could arrange it. :)

Elizabeth -- Ha! Well, I do my blog reading first thing in the morning, when I'm still too bleary-eyed to work on my actual writing. That likely accounts for it.

Elisabeth -- Can't be certain about the camel but the turtle is for sure. Ain't Mother Nature weird? And thanks, re the limericks. Simple & naughty seems to be my poetry style. ;)

Anne R. Allen said...

Sierra sent me. You have a truly demented sense of humor. I love it.