Monday, October 4, 2010

Noses. Grindstones. You get the picture...

This is a nose:

This is a grindstone:     

This is a nose applied to a grindstone:

No, that is not me in the above pic. You can tell by the shorts. I would never wear shorts on a day chilly enough to wear a hoodie. I would get goosebumps, which, on me, tend to evoke images of plucked chickens. Trust me, not a good look for me. 

Another key difference: Hello? This is a guy. (My legs are about that white, though. Which is another reason I don't wear shorts much.)

I'm guessing you'll have no trouble deciphering this post. See ya Wednesday! :)

P.S. Please do say hi, though! And maybe follow my blog, if you aren't already. I'm not big on counting followers, but I'm one shy of 100, and that does seem kind of special somehow. Won't you be my 100?


Adriana said...

Oh shoot! I tried to follow you and be your 100th, and then realized that yes, I already follow you. *palm to forehead* Clearly I need more coffee. Good luck with your work!

Karen Jones Gowen said...

When you come back from grindstone rubbing you'll probably find you at or over 100. Have fun!

demery said...

Hi Linda - looks like I was follower #85. I'm sure your 100 will find you soon. Nose to Grindstone = more great stuff for us to read soon!

Unknown said...

OMG-- I'm still trying to break 20. Not that I'm counting or anything. Heh heh.
Here's a pome for ya. ~poem~ ya-- I know.
"If you keep your nose to the grindstone rough, and keep it down there long enough, these 3 things will your world compose-- just you, the stone, and your big fat nose."
You're welcome! (hey-- i didn't write it. Don't blame me!)

Jennifer Shirk said...

My nose is going to be on the grindstone tomorrow. Today, I've been cleaning and catching-up on e-mails. I'm pooped now. :)

Sierra Godfrey said...


You know how else I knew it wasn't you in the picture? Cause you're so cute.

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Great picture!

Shorts with a hoodie -- so not right! All he needs is black socks. Wait, I think he's wearing some ...

Good luck with your writing. When you're on a roll (or a grindstone) you should keep at it!

courtney said...

Happy... grindstoning? Take care with that nose though. :) You've only got one!

Linda G. said...

Adriana -- Thanks for trying. :)

KarenG -- Not yet, but that's okay. :)

Demery -- I can hope, anyway. :)

Pseudosu -- LOL! Love that "pome." And I'd follow your blog a hundred times myself if I could, just to look at your art. :)

Jennifer -- So, you're about to get stoned, too, huh? ;)

Sierra -- Awww. Thanks. :)

Dianne -- I know. Black socks with sandals? Maybe it's a European thing. ;)

Courtney -- Fortunately it's big enough that I don't have to worry about wearing a bit of off. ;)

Trisha Leigh said...

Good luck getting some work done! I hope the grindstone rubs off on me too.

Kelly Breakey said...

Hi...sorry I missed this post yesterday. For whatever reason I seem to have a lost a day.

I already follow but promise to promote you to all of my friends.


But...but...your nose is so cute! Careful with that grindstone.


Jamie Grey said...

Hi! *waves* I'm a new follower :) Maybe I'm the 100th?

And I definitely need the grindstone myself (and I wouldn't mind such nice legs either)! I have some editing to get done this week!

Linda G. said...

Trisha -- Just be careful. If you grind your nose down too much, you have to tell a lot of lies to get it to grow back.

Kelly -- I lost a day once. I blame the tequila. ;)

Tawna -- Aw, thanks. But I hear a little dermabrasion can do wonders. ;)

Jamie -- You ARE! My 100th!! Welcome. *releases balloons & throw confetti* Thank you, and WELCOME. :D

And, uh, if you're here because Tawna tweeted about the cookies, you should know I totally suck in the kitchen.

Jamie Grey said...

Darn, and here I was, looking forward to some chocolate chip oatmeal. ;P

Don't feel too bad - I had a bad experience with a pie this weekend myself. It blew up.

I suck in the kitchen too!

Linda G. said...

Jamie -- Oatmeal and chocolate chip together? Does Chips Ahoy make that? ;)

A. S. Boudreau said...

lol Linda, I will say it's a good thing you pointed out what that picture was... as tired as I am I had to look TWICE.. and then noticed it said NOSE. ;)