Friday, June 11, 2010

Cougars and Ketchup

It's the theater god's birthday.

Or, as I like to call it, Ketchup Day. Because today is the day TG catches up with me, age-wise.

Yes, I am *gasp* older than my husband. By a good four months. (Does this make me as a cougar? I like to think so. Sounds sexy, yes?)

Every year, TG complains about getting a year older. And I always hit him. Because if he thinks he's getting old, what does that make me? Huh? And, buster, I am not getting old. I am getting...

(Drum roll, please.)

More Qualified for Life!

Especially my life as a writer. I'm not saying you can't write characters older than you are, and write them darned well, but there's something about living the years first that really helps you to feel them in your bones. (And not just the achy way, like before a thunderstorm. Though it is kind of cool to be able to predict the weather now.)

I suppose you could go as far as to say I'm not aging so much as researching. ;)

Now, you may be thinking, what in the heck is she doing futzing around on her blog when she should be celebrating with TG? Well, I'll tell you. It's because TG is where he's spent every one of his birthdays for the last twenty or so years: at the theater. This is why he's such a good theater god--he works at it.

Tonight is opening night for the first opera of the summer season, and he is Needed, with a capital N. But that's okay--we celebrated some yesterday, and will celebrate more tomorrow. He will be adequately partied and caked.

Best of all, the rest of the partying and the caking will take place at his parents' house, and my mother-in-law makes the world's best hot milk cake with caramel icing, TG's favorite. There will also be hot milk cake with chocolate fudge icing, for TG's sister, whose birthday was a few days ago, and who is a co-celebrant. We have a large extended family in the area, and double up on birthdays a lot.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to the guy who rocks my little world. I love you, honey! :)


Cynthia Reese said...

I am not even thinking about what you will be using the ketchup for. Not thinking. Hear no evil. See no evil. Speak no evil --

AIIIIYIIII! The image is in my HEAD! GET IT OUT! ;-)

Tell TG I said Happy B-Day, and many, many more.

Candyland said...

Happy b-day TG!!!

Kelly Breakey said...

Ketchup? I am confused. *whispers* Do you do something dirty with it?

Your a cougar. Hubs said that was cool and now he REALLY REALLY wants to meet you.

Should I feel threatened?


Sierra Godfrey said...


I totes don't know you, but I hope you have many cupcakes today.

Linda G. said...

Cynthia -- Why who'd thunk you'd have such a dirty mind? Kethup = catch up. Get it?

Besides, we would never use ketchup for THAT. That's what chocolate syrup is for. ;)

Kelly -- See above. *rolls eyes* Y'all have SUCH naught minds. And I'm giggling uncontrollably at the idea of another woman feeling threatened by me. Hee.

Candyland & Sierra -- Thanks! :)

I will convey all your birthday greetings to TG. I know he'll be tickled.

Linda G. said...

Um, that should've been "naughty" minds, of course. Didn't mean to imply anyone had zero in the brain department. :)

Deborah Small said...

Awww...happy birthday to the YG (Younger Guy). :)

My DH is younger than me, too. Rowwwr! *g*


Linda G. said...

Deb -- All right! A fellow cougar. Ain't it grand? ;)

out of the wordwork said...

Another thing we have in common! I'm a full 7 days older than my hubby. And he never lets me forget it either!
Enjoy your cougardom - lithe, amazing animals that they are.

And the happiest of birthdays to your Theatre God!

Linda G. said...

Nelsa -- Thanks! And, yes, we cougars are certainly lithe and amazing animals, aren't we? Our younger hubbies are lucky to have us. ;)


I'm cracking up at everyone who thought the ketchup thing was a dirty joke. I'm on perpetual lookout for those, and it didn't even occur to me!

Happy birthday to TG!

Now can I get that recipe for hot milk cake w/ caramel? Pretty please?


Linda G. said...

Tawna -- I know! What a bunch of dirty-minded blog readers I have. Can't think why they would make such an assumption. ;)

Speaking of assumptions, I'm giggling at your adorable belief that I, of all people, would have the cake recipe. Tee-hee. Like I'd know what to do with it. However, I will be happy to swipe it from my MIL next time I see her. I'll email it to you soon. :)