Monday, October 10, 2011

Me and Ben and Home-Brewing

So, you're not getting much of a blog post today because yesterday was spent in the company of some home-brewers. It would have been rude not to sample their wares.

And I cannot abide rudeness, not in others, and especially not in myself.

With that said, I'll leave you with a quote attributed to my favorite founding father:

Who am I to argue with Ben? 

So, do you like beer? Ale, lager, stout, you have a preference? A favorite brand?

Oh, and in a *cough* completely unrelated topic...any tried-and-true hangover remedies?

P.S. Sometime during the party, a very nice lady got out her smart phone and showed us all a picture of a potato from her garden. For some reason, I insisted she email it me right away.

It's not as impressive as my gourd from the other day, but it's still cute. ;)


Teri Anne Stanley said...

Wow, that is quite the potato. Um.

I never really drank beer for the taste (ahem), I can't really comment on a favorite style...but my favorite beer quote is from my high school BFF: "Busch. Because cheap beer is better than no beer."

Kimberly Sabatini said...

For some reason-Ha! LOL!

Anne Gallagher said...

Beer for me has to be in an ice bath all day. But having not had any in 7 years with another 12 to go before I can, well, I'll just have to live vicariously through you.

As for hangover remedies, my tried and true is is a Virgin Bloody Mary with Lea & Perrins, horseradish, and lime not lemon. A teeny taste of celery salt doens't hurt either. Oh, and two extra strength Tylenol and a 3 hour nap.

Delia said...

I don't drink beer, but that potato is, shall we say, interesting.

Jessica Lemmon said...

I love beer! I blame my German ancestry. this time of year there are so many yummy Oktoberfests out, and pumpkin ales... Mmm,mmmm! As far as remedies, I think 2 Aleve, coffee and something deep fried is the best attack. :)

Kelly Breakey said...

I do enjoy a good brew. As I have gotten older my tastes have changed. Now I find I enjoy Ciders and Ales. One of my favorite brews was called Tequiza. It had Tequila in it,(go figure right?) but they stopped making it. Those bas@!#ds. So now I find myself enjoying a good Woodpecker from time to time. Damnit, Linda. Now I want one.

Anonymous said...

Beer! Yes!

That about covers my preferences. Though if I'm offered a choice, as a general rule, I'll choose Canadian beer over American beer.

I have a freak metabolism, so I've never had a hangover. But after a two-keg party where we ended up drinking out of the pitchers instead of the glasses because it was more efficient (I was much younger then), I found a nice, greasy breakfast felt good.

Fried eggs, home fries, those little sausages that spurt out grease when you cut them, and strong black coffee. Mmmm.

These days, though, I'm done after a couple of bottles. Getting older sucks, but at least I save money on beer.

Diane Henders said...

Okay, Blogger did something strange with my comment. Apparently now I'm "blog". Blogger hates me. Sigh.

Steph Schmidt said...

No beer for me, I'll take the wine or be the designated driver instead. I'm a horrible German for admitting I just don't like beer. However, I have yet to sample any in the homeland where it's served so many more ways than here. A friend of mine who's an exchange student over in Germany right now just had a lemonade-beer hybrid at Oktoberfest.

Jennifer Shirk said...

Ben is so wise... :-)

Um, that potato is just so...wrong. LOL

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Now that's one heck of a potato!

I love Ben! He has the best sayings. He would have been a great person to hang around and shoot the breeze with!

Patsy said...

I'm one of those weird people who don't like beer (Cider is good though, and wine, also port, sherry, brandy, schnapps and various liquers)

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

I'm not a fan of beer, but my hubby and kids more than make up for my lack of enthusiasm.

Carol Kilgore said...

I missed the gourd, but I'm sorta liking the potato :)

And the beer.

Trisha Leigh said...

Ben is a wise man, it's true. I love beer, and my favorite is a hometown microbrewery Boulevard.

Since Budweiser sold out, Boulevard has taken to advertising themselves as the "biggest American brewery in Missouri."

Clever, them.

Oh, and nice potato. Not that size matters. *cough*

Pearson Report said...

Ben and Beer, what more does a Babe want!
Well, for starters a living Ben would be good, then an endless supply of Beer...all kinds...that magically appears (sort of like that fridge in the movie The 10th Kingdom) and last but not least..., I think that about covers it!

Oh...and a sure fire hangover helper: take two B-50 vitamins before hitting the like a charm.

Cheers, Jenny

Judy,Judy,Judy. said...

I love beer. All kinds except things like bud light or coors.
Dos Equis, Corona, Tecate, yes. Fosters, yes. Sam Adams yes. Pete's Wicked, yes. Newcastle Brown Ale, yes.

And I beg to differ, I think that potato is pretty damn impressive.

Al said...

Rudeness is intolerable!
I prefer the gourd

Sarah Tokeley said...

I drank Newcastle Brown Ale when I was young, but I don't drink much of anything anymore. Bacon sarnies are a good cure for a hangover though.

There are no words for the potato.

abby mumford said...

okay, i have to admit, i looked at the picture before the caption and the color of the potato led me to believe it was not a vegetable but rather a turd. ick. so so so glad i read the caption quickly thereafter.

onto nicer topics -- beer! i love IPAs and stouts. yum!

Jen Stayrook said...

I wonder if your nice lady friend had a wicked smile on her face when she cut up that potato. Personally, that's one you mount on a plaque and put in the living room next to the Spelling Bee trophies.

Linda G. said...

Teri Anne -- LOL! Love that quote.

K-pop -- Hee!

Anne -- Sounds like a good remedy to me. Though the horseradish might kill me. Then again, that's a cure of sorts.

Delia -- Um, yeah. "Interesting" works. ;)

Jessica -- Hooray for Germans and their fine product!

Kelly -- I like the ales, too, especially the pale ales. But tequila in beer? Sounds like a recipe for disaster to me. ;)

"blog"--um, I mean Diane -- That sounds like the best kind of freak metabolism ever! And, yeah, getting older sucks. So I try not to think about it much.

Steph -- What kind of German ARE you??? Nah, seriously, you're probably safer with just some occasional wine, and especially being the DD. :)

Jennifer -- I know, right? That's why I love it. *grin*

Dianne -- Really. I would have loved to have met old Ben. Even now I love to get my hands on "pictures" of him. ;)

Patsy -- Oh, I like all those other things, too. Well, not schnapps so much, but the others.

Susan -- Ha! Well, it sounds like you have it covered, then.

Carol -- LOL! The gourd, impressive.

Trisha -- Never tried any Boulevard brews. I'll have to see if I can track some down.

PR -- Yup, that about covers it! I'll have to get som B-50 vitamins to keep on hand.

Triple J -- Ha! Yeah, the potato does have the edge on form, at least. ;)

Al -- LOL! I agree.

Sarah -- Never had bacon sarnies. Or heard of them. Will google at once. *grins*

Abby -- ROF,L! Oh, my. I've posted some sh!t on this blog, but never the real thing. ;)

Jen -- Exactly! You don't cut up a potato like that. You preserve it for posterity.