Monday, May 23, 2011

It's that time again -- get out your verifictionaries!

We haven't dragged out the verifictionary in a while, and my definitions are piling up. Figured I'd unload some of them today.

You remember the word verification dictionary, don't you? It's where we seek to define those odd strings of letters you have to copy into the verification boxes in order to leave a comment on some blogs.

Yeah, okay. Assigning them definitions is just a way to make an annoying waste of time a little more fun. You do what you can, right? I'm all about taking life's little lemons and making lemonade. Or, better yet,  lemontinis.


*ahem* Anyway, you can find previous verifictionary posts here and here.

Today's additions (all of which, I hasten to add, were taken from blogs I read regularly -- maybe even yours):

 ALITATA  -- Alibaba's sexy sister.

ARCHANGI -- the lesser known plural of "archangel."

BODINC --  add "@" and you have the Twitter handle of "Body, Incorporated." 

COPLI -- in a policeman-like manner.

FLACH -- short for "flatulant," it's the nickname for the kid in class who passes gas a lot.

FLUMSI -- what you call someone who is both delicate and clumsy.

LAXOPEP -- a caffeinated laxative, designed to ensure you make it to the bathroom on time once it kicks in.

NONNESS -- the state of being the opposite.

PSINASTR-- pretentious spelling of "sinister."

PUNGLUT -- what happens when there's just too much wordplay going on.

SUNPRO -- someone who makes money by tanning.

So, in your blog-hopping, have you run across any interesting strings of letters that we can warp into new words? Do share!


Anne Gallagher said...

On a Monday morning no less. Thank goodness, I finished my caffeine before reading!

Summer Frey said...

I bow before your Clever!

Jessica Bell said...

LOL. Punglut is so clever! love it!

Unknown said...

I once had suncel before...I figure that's when your son is also your uncle :)

Patty Blount said...

Pecti - more than one pectoral muscle?

Sara {Rhapsody and Chaos} said...

aaaaahahahahahah, omg this is too funny!

Laxopep is the BEST, lol. That, and archangi :) :) :)

I may have to start saving my verification words. This is too, too funny!

Jennifer Shirk said...

If I see a good one I am so coming back here and posting it! :-)

Kimberly Sabatini said...

LOVE IT!!! Laxopep is my favorite!!!!

Unknown said...

Awesome! I must start doing this myself.

Lexopep is my favourite as well.

Steph Schmidt said...

Sunpro sounds like what I wish I was doing this summer.

Nancy Kelley said...

I'm going to spell sinister "psinastr" from now on. There's just something so... erudite about adding a silent p to the beginning.

Geoffrey Cubbage said...

Well, now I want to leave a comment just to see if I get an entertaining word that cries out for definition.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Too funn., Especially love your definition for laxipep.

Unknown said...

I just laughed out loud with the Ali Baba's sexy sister word! You have a knack for brightening up my day! THANKS :D

Adriana said...

These are hilarious! As always. I love Alitata :)) And copli. Nice! :) You must be a killer at Balderdash!