Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wee Wednesday Wishes

Everybody has wishes, right? I know I do. Some of them are big and selfish, straight from my pleasure-seeking id. Win the lottery, sell my book for beaucoup bucks, have access to an unending supply of gourmet chocolate, become the country's first Limerick Laureate...the usual stuff.

Some of my wishes are huge and noble. I mean, of course I wish for world peace, and health and happiness for all, yadda-yadda-yadda.  Who doesn't? 

But most of my wishes are tiny, fleeting things, here only for a moment, transitory--yet fervent--desires. Embers that burn brightly, then fade as the next wish flares.

In just the past few days, I've wished...

~  college students still looked as grown-up to me as they did when I was in college.

~  I could remember everything I ever learned, instead of having so much of it leak out when I'm not paying attention.

~  I could still run the 50-yard dash in 6.7 seconds.

~  low-calorie food tasted good, or conversely, food that tastes good had fewer calories. 

~  my dad could have known the adult me, and the adult me could have known him.

~  people could truly "live and let live."

~  I could get past the fricking scene in my WIP that's giving me fits.

~  when you put clothes in the washing machine, they would come out magically dried and folded.

~  somebody would invent the self-cleaning bathroom.

~  it was already sweater weather.

~  I hadn't broken that nail on my middle finger.

~  the first joint on my right index finger would stop aching after I type too much.

~  more people on TV did not have blinding white teeth.

~  cell phones had never been invented.

~  people who park in handicapped parking places who aren't really handicapped would earn the "honor," at least temporarily. 

~  I had wings like Icarus, only melt-proof.

~  the tips of my eyelashes weren't blond.

Wow. A lot of those are kind of shallow, aren't they?

Oops! Thought of another one--

~  I wish I didn't sound so shallow.

Well. You see how it goes. I suspect--okay, I hope--I'm not the only one who has wishes floating around in her head like dandelion seeds.

Do you have any Wee Wednesday Wishes? Tell me. Especially the shallow ones, so I don't feel alone in my Shallowness Shame.


Kelly Breakey said...

That Wednesday's were officially our Middle of the Week day off because two day's sandwiched in between five is just not enough.

abby mumford said...

i too have dandelion seed like wishes.

i wish i could drink coffee without feeling sick.

i wish i could be witty every time i spoke. or typed.

i wish i could eat ice cream every day without having to run 5 miles first.

i wish i could write a best selling novel. or a successful query letter. or find a critique partner at the same stage as me.

i wish i had more blog commenters.

i wish i could sleep in.

yeah, that's how it goes. but at the same time, i'm working on wishing for shallow things less and feeling grateful for what i do have, more.

i'm grateful i can't drink coffee, less calories to worry about.

i'm grateful i can be witty while typing. sometimes. i'll work on the oral part later (tee hee).

i'm grateful i have a reason (ICE CREAM) to run 5 miles.

i'm grateful for being at the beginning of my writing journey when all things still feel possible.

i'm grateful people are reading my blog, even if they aren't commenting.

if i must get up early, i'm grateful for an early bed time the night before.

Trisha Leigh said...

"People could truly live and let live."

I don't think that's a wee one. It's one of my greatest wishes.

On the shallow side:

I wish my dogs would stop eating cat crap when I'm not looking.

I wish relationships didn't require so many games at the beginning.

I wish a good friend of mine could find a way to stop hurting.

I wish it was tank top weather again.

I wish my toenails magically unpainted and repainted themselves.

I wish I liked my job.

Susan Adrian said...

I wish Child's trip goes WELL and she has fun and is safe. (#1 though in my mind right now)

I wish I did not have a cold (that I'm pretending I don't have so it will go away).

I wish I could get some good writing done today.

I wish I could catch up on all this work stuff and be able to watch TV shows online. That one will not come true. :)

Elisabeth Black said...

I wish I could wear my jammy pants all day.

Anne Gallagher said...

I wish I could splurge on Ben & Jerry's cherry ice cream.

I wish Monster Baby wasn't sick again.

I wish leaves would fall neatly into a huge pile, so I wouldn't have to rake them.

I wish I had a wood burning fireplace.

My list is endless so I'll stop right there.

Candyland said...

I wish my daughter would nap longer than an hour so I can literally sit and stare in silence.

demery said...

i wish for a bathtub that didn't have a 90 angle back and a drain placed so low that you can only fill it half way up

i wish for a laundry room not in the garage (love the idea of the machine that folds it and puts it away too :))

i second abby's wish to be able to write the perfect query letter (resume banging head against the wall. again.)

i wish i could visit the worlds i write about... just fly in for a vacation and hang out with my characters for awhile

thanks for letting us visit your world of wee wednesday wishes :)

Elizabeth Ryann said...

I wish I had access to the Jetsons' robots (specifically: Rosie, of course, but also that one that slides you out of bed and into the shower while brushing your teeth and then does your hair as it dresses you (surprise! I am not terribly into being functional in the morning).

I wish my cat would quit scratching me "accidentally." Shifty bugger.

I wish I was the sample size and clothing issues were a non-entity.

I wish I was independently wealthy.

I wish that my ponytail would quit doing that weird bumpy hair thing.

I wish I had a personal assistant.

I wish people would READ THE NOTES I GIVE THEM (<--- work related. People never ignore my social notes).

I wish I felt less stressed.

I wish Mockingjay had been more awesome.

I wish I had lunch right now...

I am a festival of shallow! And I'm not ashamed. :)

Linda G. said...

Kelly -- Good idea. Let's start a Humpday Holiday movement.

Abby -- I'm with you on your coffee wish. I love the flavor, but it usually gives me heartburn. And I like your gratitude list, too. :)

Trisha -- LOL! Our dog Buster always ate from the cat litter box, too, the dumb bugger. And a job is just something to do for a paycheck. You have your writing--that's the real job. :)

Suze -- Did you get your final wish? More Buffy? :)

Elisabeth -- That's a good one. Maybe when the weather is colder, you could keep them on under your clothes. ;)

PW -- Aw, I hope Monster Baby gets better soon. And that B & J's goes on sale soon. :)

Candyland -- Silence is vastly underrated. I love silence. May you find some soon. :)

Demery -- Thank YOU for visiting, and sharing your wonderful wishes! :)

Elizabeth -- Oooh, Jetson's robots! I want those, too! And it's fun splashing in the shallow side, isn't it? ;)

A. S. Boudreau said...

my wishes...

I wish for..
you to like what I sent you, should be there tomorrow or Friday. lol

to get accepted fairly soon when I start querying again...

that i get a raise with this promotion...

that we see the flip side now with both of us working...

and I have an impossible wish, i always wish that I could have had more time with my Dad, but ya... that's impossible..

I love your wishes Linda. :) Thanks for letting us share ours

Linda G. said...

A.S. -- I'm sure I'll love my prizes. I hope you get your other wishes (the possible ones), too. :)

Sierra Godfrey said...

I like your wishes. I have no problem whatsoever with them being shallow.

I wish for a clear head. Mine is full of cotton right now. (Not literally).