Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Wah-Wah-Wah-Wonderrrr...

As I was mulling over today's blog post, I got to wondering about life and its vicissitudes. So, in the spirit of my previous "Freak Me Out Friday" offering, today I give you:


(Gratuitous exclamation points added to up the excitement, because, face it, "wonder" isn't a very exciting word.)

Things I catch myself wondering about over the course of a typical day:

  • what's for breakfast
  • if my jeans still fit (corollary: if I wear a baggy shirt, will anyone notice if I leave the button undone at the waist)
  • how many hours of my life have been devoted to proper dental hygiene, and whether it's worth it (I suspect it is.)
  • if the assho--er, distracted driver in the car in front of me will finish texting before the light turns green
  • if my toenail polish clashes with my lipstick
  • if I delete this scene in my WIP, will I have to rewrite every frickin' thing that comes after it
  • if there are parallel universes, and if there are, am I in the best one
  • if it's wrong to eat ice cream for lunch, or if it falls under the "what the hell, I already have my jeans unbuttoned anyway" Why-Not Clause
  • which neighbor's mail I will get today, and which one will get mine (I think my mailman is dyslexic.)
  • if there really is such a thing as "luck"
  • if I should wash the sheets, or if I can get away with putting it off until tomorrow
  • why I haven't banked more blog posts for days like this
  • why I have become strangely obsessed with bullet lists

How about you guys? Are you wah-wah-wah-wah-wondering anything in particular today?

(Like, perhaps, if Linda will get her shizzle together before Friday and come up with a real blog topic?)


Unknown said...

I often find myself wondering what Linda will post next...uh...yeah. **wipes brown stuff off end of nose**

PS my word verification is "excetsi" that how I feel when reading your blog? Whoops! more borwn stuff! My nose is awful dirty today ;)

Deborah Small said...

Ah, Linda. I know I can count on you to lift my spirits. And yes, I wonder many things,too. Like...why do I work out when it leave me hurting so? How much Advil can a person take before her stomach lining sizzles through? Where summer went? And when her lotto numbers will come up?

You know. Stuff like that. *g*

Take care and happy Wondering Wednesday!


Steph Schmidt said...

Sadly only one strange wonder lately, will I ever remember the correct ratio of water to pancake mix?

When dumping the mix into a sealed container throwing out the box, without saving the instructions, in hindsight is a bad idea.

Candyland said...

I wonder why this show inserted an inappropriate pause:
"I wonder why you blew...........................................................................................................a circuit board."

Susan Adrian said...

I love the parallel universe one. :)

Crystal said...

That's so great!

I'm wondering why a person can't get anything substantial done when their butt is numb!

Do not recommend sitting on the floor with laptop. Just move the kitty out of your favorite place instead of feeling sorry for her and letting her sleep there.

Jeffe Kennedy said...

I'm not wondering, I *know* that if you delete that scene you'll have to adjust everything after that. Delete it anyway!

GĂ©nette Wood said...

I have often caught myself wondering about things. Interestingly enough, an entire paragraph (read: stream of consciousness) in my blog was about this same thing today. The long and short of it: why did I major in math?? Yeesh.

On a serious note, I do understand the wonderment that comes with deleting a scene in a WIP. It's near painful sometimes.

Linda G. said...

Karla -- Thanks! Luckily, brown is a wonderful color on you. ;)

Deb -- Glad I could provide a small boost to your spirits. :) I wonder the same thing about Advil. My stomach is okay so far, but if I overdo it, my ears start to ring. (Yes, sadly, that is one of the side effects.)

SM -- See, that's a problem I never have. Mainly because I'm not the one in this household who makes pancakes from scratch. ;)

Candyland -- LOL! Stopping after "I wonder why you blew..." could lead to all kinds of hilarity. ;)

Suze -- I'm sure there's a parallel universe where you and I are already bestselling authors. ;)

Crystal -- Ha! Numb Butt Syndrome strikes again. I will follow your advice and avoid the floor.

Jeffe -- I did. I am. I have a revision headache. ;)

Linda G. said...

LadyGenette -- Our comments must've crossed in cyberspace. A Math major, huh? Do numbers just come naturally to you, or are you a masochist? ;)

Dianne K. Salerni said...

That's a lot of wondering!

Today I wondered what essential emails got buried in my work email under an avalanche of pointless ones.

I also wondered why I spent 10 minutes trying to draw a diagram on my new interactive white board when it would have taken me 10 seconds to do in chalk on the blackboard.

Linda G. said...

Dianne -- LOL! Ain't technology wonderful? ;)

Kelly Breakey said...

I am wondering why I can't find the time during the day to catch up on my blog reading. And it really drives me crazy that my day job gets in the way of that. Thank you, I feel better now.

Adriana said...

What could possibly be wrong with eating ice cream for lunch?! It's perfectly legit! (I once lived an entire summer mostly on ice cream, so I know it for a fact!) And it's good for you -- calcium and all that. But to balance it out, you should have brownies or cookie dough for dinner :)

What I wondered today is how many emails I must have in my work inbox before I finally decide to take the time to clean it up and organize it. I'm only at 1,500 right now.

Elizabeth Ryann said...

I have wondered a number of those myself, mostly the ice cream and alternative universe ones, and whether or not I'm ALREADY eating ice cream in the alternative universe. But now I'm just mostly wondering what you're going to post on Friday. Great expectations and all that...

Jessica Lemmon said...

I'm a day late, and go figure, a dollar short. But I came to comment, so here I go...

1) bfast for me: coffee

2) jeans don't have to fit if the shirt is long enough

3) ugh - and grocery shopping/cooking sucks away HOW many hours?

4) HA!

5) my toes are bright blue, so in my case, I never match lips to toes

6) ohh, the second-guess edit. I HATES IT.

7) You're the best one here, so sure, why not?

8) ice cream = dairy and if there's nuts = protein throw in a carb and your set. I suggest B&J's chubby hubby (p.butter, malt ice cream and pretzels) Complete meal.

9) HA HA!

10) No, not really.

11) never do today what you can put off until tomorrow, I say.

12) why haven't you?

13) I <3 bullet lists. Lists of any kind really. Let's make a pact to blog more lists.

Linda G. said...

Kelly -- I think you should give slacking at your day job a try. I know a lot of people it seems to work for. ;)

Adriana -- I may print out your comment and tape it to my freezer. And I think you can let your work inbox go until it hits 2,010. Because that's what year it is. (What? Why does it have to make sense?)

Elizabeth -- Whoa! I hadn't thought of that possiblity. Perhaps we are eating ice cream TOGETHER in a parallel universe! Oh, and don't get your hopes up too high for Friday. I'm still trying to come up with something...

Jessica -- HA! Answer to #12: I'm lazy. ;) And, yes, let's do blog more lists. I know I have some old grocery ones in the bottom of my purse.


Seriously cracking up over this list!

I'm wondering if my dog will ever succeed at catching her tail when she chases it.


Elizabeth Ryann said...

Whoa. Linda, what if we actually LIKE pumpkin prune swirl ice cream time in a different (obviously lesser) parallel universe? Crazy. No wonder those two hang out together.

Lola Sharp said...

No, that asshole will not be done texting when the light turns green.

Yes, the ripple effect when you rip out that chapter will be Hell.

What I wonder right now is are there any Oreos left downstairs... *off to check*...


Kari Lynn Dell said...

I'm wondering if, since men seem to have naturally longer lashes than women, when I put on mascara am I trying to be more masculine?

Linda G. said...

Tawna -- Our cat Sunny would always chase her tail, and then get really upset when she caught it and bit down. You'd think she would've made the connection eventually.

Elizabeth -- Whoa. Now you're just messin' with my mind. I mean, I can see us bonding over chocolate fudge brownie, but pumpkin prune swirl? Surely even our alternate selves have better taste than that.

Lola -- Sadly, you are right about the asshole and the ripple effect. Grrr. Hope you found your Oreos! :)

Kari Lynn -- LOL! Now, that is the most interesting take on mascara I've ever read.

Elizabeth Ryann said...

Well, if we're going to entertain the theory of multiple parallel universes, what's to stop them from being infinite? Questionable taste would certainly land both of us in an alternate universe, for instance, because ours is usually impeccable. Obviously.

This is my theory of relativity via ice cream, by the way. It breaks all space-time-taste boundaries on the regular.

Linda G. said...

Elizabeth -- Ack! How did I miss your last comment? Blogger didn't email it to me. Grrr.

Your theory of relativity via ice cream is perfect. But tell me, what ARE the boundaries of taste? I *cough* MAY have a little trouble recognizing them myself from time to time. ;)

Elizabeth Ryann said...

Taste boundaries are situationally defined, I think. But let's go with literal definitions for now, since we're discussing the most important topic of all, ice cream: do you register something with your tongue? Does it force your face into a sad contorted shape, or make you involuntarily spit out said substance? That would be a bad taste. Pumpkin prune swirl is on the fence, in this regard, as I have not literally tasted it. I think it registers as questionable taste if it is consumed regularly and does not taste particularly pleasant, even if it isn't as nasty as some other possible flavor might be.


Linda G. said...

Elizabeth -- You know, I'm afraid (terribly afraid, in fact) that this may call for further experimentation. I know there is pumpkin ice cream out there somewhere. I may possibly find it in the store closer to Thanksgiving. Then, if I swirl in some stewed prunes...yes. I may have to try this, just to get the definitive scientific answer.

I COULD be good. 0-0

Elizabeth Ryann said...

Theoretically, it's totally possible. And better you taste it than me. For science.

Linda G. said...

Elizabeth -- And I'm sure you'll totally trust you when I tell you how yummy it is... ;)

Elizabeth Ryann said...

Absolutely! Because you have never ever given me any indication that you are prone to making stuff up. Or exaggerating.