Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's for my job. Really.

"Go ahead. Do it. You know you want to."


I should never listen to those words from the theater god. Especially after he's given me a martini.

Alas, when martinis pour in, "should nevers" fly out.

So I did it.

I uploaded this to Twitter:

Yes, my T-shirt* displays the word "kickass." (Which, you'll notice, contains the word "ass"--try to contain your snickering.)

Yes, I am holding a cigar. (A rather large cigar, though I'll admit to holding larger.)

And, no, my left boob is not really bigger than my right boob--that's just the camera angle.

Now, you may be wondering "But what will her family think?" Actually, I can pretty much tell you, even without consulting most of them.

Daughter: "Way to go, Mom!" (with a virtual high five)

Son: "Not again!" (with a real forehead slap)

Mother: "Wear a little make-up next time." (That one's easy--she always says that.)

Don't have to guess for the theater god, who was actually there, taking the picture: "Can you wear that shirt to bed tonight?"

But, gosh darn it, there's a reason I did this. Other than the martini, I mean. (Give me second. It'll come to me.)

Oh, yeah.

See, these days an author has to do more than just write books. A author is expected to establish an online presence. To build a brand. To become a recognizable name, so readers will be enticed into buying said author's books someday.

Especially a newbie author. And you don't get much newbier than me.

Though I'm still at the *cough* pre-published stage of my writing career, I'm nevertheless trying to treat my work like a real job. Which means between actually writing books, and revising them, and then revising them some more (what can I say? I tinker), I spend time here. And on Twitter. And on other people's blogs. Trying to get my name into the ether**, so that when my wonderful agent eventually sells one of my books, there just might already be a few people willing to buy it.

Now, doesn't that sound like a diligent, and, yes, even virtuous thing to do?

Way better than "Oops. I did it again." ;)

*A gift from one of my wonderful crit partners, Susan Adrian. She really knows how to inspire. :)

**I've had some indication this is already working. Someone on Facebook asked me if I was the "cigar lady" on Twitter. And somebody else asked, "Aren't you the one who drinks Mexican nail polish remover?" She must've read this blog entry. It's a start.


Anonymous said...

LOL--LOVE the shirt. So want one. And, hey, I'm right there with you on the newbie author (pre-published, no less) thing. It's a learning experience!

Linda G. said...

Mary -- I love the shirt, too. And, really, it's not an empty threat. I HAVE put a few un-careful people in my novels. Changed their names, of course. No need to get lawyers involved. ;)

Cynthia Reese said...

Linda, the shirt is too funny -- my family already treads VERY carefully because they are certain I'm watching for anything that is usable. As if I would do that ... I mean, I've only done it, ahem, once or twice. :-)

Linda G. said...

Cynthia -- it's tough to resist, isn't it? Mostly I "Frankenstein" it -- taking a bit of this and mixing it with a bit of that. Composite characters and mish-mashed actions. Put it all in the blender of my brain, and hopefully spit out a coherent book. ;)

Elisabeth Black said...

Wait, aren't you the woman who was watching her neighbors through their sliding glass door?

Linda G. said...

Elizabeth -- LOL! Okay, so this branding thing MAY be a double-edged sword. ;)

(I still contend it was their fault for cutting down a perfectly good holly tree.)

Candyland said...

You're H.O.T!

Linda G. said...

Candyland -- It's the cigar, isn't it? Maybe I should carry it with me all the time. ;)

Anonymous said...

My left boob is actually bigger than my right one.

That really is one kickass shirt! I want one :)

Linda G. said...

Xuxana -- Apparently it's very common for one to be slightly larger than the other (same with feet and thumbs, in case you're collecting trivia). I read about one woman whose breasts were so different in size she named them "Hoss" and "Little Joe." (I just call mine "the girls.")

I'll have to ask my CP where she got the shirt. :)

Dianne K. Salerni said...

I approve of screwball ideas that develop after a martini (or two). And I definitely approve of getting yourself out there in the cyberverse, cigar, hot t-shirt, and all!

And I'm impressed that you were able to upload a picture to Twitter. I still haven't figured it out ...

Linda G. said...

Hi Diane! And thanks. :)

I used Twitpic to upload, which is pretty easy, if you have a digital photo on your computer. Just follow the breadcrumbs.

The only impressive part is that I COULD follow the breadcrumbs after that martini... ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, my boobs aren't noticeably different in size to anyone but me ;)

I haven't named my pair yet, but my BF calls them his 'funbags'.


Oh, I DO love that shirt! Someday when we meet, you can wear that one and I'll wear my new "which came first, the writing or the drinking?" one. Then we'll go antagonize our agent! :)


Linda G. said...

Tawna -- sounds like a plan to me. We'll take her out and get her tipsy. She can tweet the whole experience from her iphone. ;)

LR said...

Oh my gosh another awesome t-shirt! I am in t-shirt fever. Must buy, must buy...

Anonymous said...

It is scandal!