Thursday, March 11, 2010

When you ask for suggestions...

I'm being attacked by a scene.

Yesterday, I was attacking it, going at it every which way I could, trying to beat it into submission. Apparently it is not the submissive sort.

Today a new idea is flickering in my brain. No, more than that--it's skittering around like a rabid mongoose, a virulent thing determined to send reinforcements to the beachhead of my imagination. If it gets a toehold, I know it will conquer the clown of my uncertainty over what to do next, plot-wise, and I will feel centered again.

And then I will eat bacon to celebrate. :)

Okay, that's what comes of asking for words-to-include-in-my-blog-post suggestions on Twitter. All the words in bold were suggested. Make of it what you will.

What's that you say? You think it's dumb??

Look, I could've just said "The clown centered on the beachhead fed bacon to the virulent mongoose in the flickering moonlight." But that would've been silly. And I wanted to make it relevant.

Work with me here, people!


Susan Adrian said...


Ha. :)


Mmmm . . . bacon.

You had me at bacon.

And you had me laughing through the whole thing. Thanks for that!


Linda G. said...

You can never go wrong with bacon!

Jessica Bell said...

I see you've also created individual labels using these words too! That's fantastic :)

Linda G. said...

Hi, AA! Welcome. :) Yes, I'm getting so technologically savvy, learning about labels and such. My next project is to redesign the whole internet to my exact specifications.

Elisabeth Black said...

I was wondering what that was... Sometimes it's like you miss one little tweet, and nothing after makes sense.