Monday, March 1, 2010

Free Writing

Well, not free. But reasonably cheap. Ba-dum-bum. ;)

(Okay, see, that was really just an example of what I'm about to blog about: writing whatever comes into your mind. Just spitting it out, no matter how inane--oh, look, a butterfly!--it seems at the time, because the idea is just to get words flooooowing along, in the hopes that something good might accidentally spew out with all the--no, not a butterfly, a BAT! A big freakin' bat with a two-foot wingspan!!--garbage.)

Whew. So admittedly this is not so much an orderly discussion of the craft of writing, or even an extension of my post on warming up, but rather an indirect admission that I don't have a damn thing to blog about today, and I told myself I WOULD blog about something, and that once I started typing I was not going to stop until I finished. (This is a lot harder than it seems, especially for an inveterate re-writer, fiddler, tinkerer, whatever you want to call it, like me.) But, damn it, I'm gonna do it, because I said I was gonna do it, and when I say I'm gonna--

Gawd, this is getting BORING, isn't it?

Okay, I never said it was going to be a LONG post, did I? Just a nice, short post, illustrative of the concept.

And you know what? Now I feel like working on the WIP, so I guess there might actually be something to it.

Later, 'gators!



LOL, fun illustration of the demon most writers face...that annoying need to self-edit as we go along to the point that we become too paralyzed to get words on the page. Sometimes it's enough to just get the words down. We can worry later about making them sound good! :)


Linda G. said...

Yup. Gotta write it before you can fix it.