Friday, March 5, 2010

Linguistics vs. Dead Bodies

Dear Blog,

I was going to write a brilliant post today. Really. All about linguistics in literature (my field of study in grad school) and how it influenced the way I write. But first I was just going to rip through a quick scene in the WIP. It was going to be a short, transitional thing, meant to get my main character from point A to point B in a logical and orderly fashion, with maybe an extra dollop of humor thrown in so the reader would be too busy laughing to get impatient for the next significant plot point. But then this body happened. The dead kind.

It's not the sort of thing you can just leave hanging out there.

I mean, my poor mc doesn't even know if this person was shot or stabbed (or--gasp!--something worse) yet. I have to go figure it out.

Later, 'gators! Trust me, this is way more fun than a dusty old linguistics post. Well, for me, anyway.




Dead bodies must never be left hanging. It's a cardinal rule.


Linda G. said...

Absolutely not. Unless they are. Hanging, I mean. Which is entirely possible. If not with this one, then the next one.