Wednesday, December 15, 2010

For the warped music lovers among you...

Not everybody goes for cheery, sappy Christmas music, like the song I posted on Monday. (Well, I think hippos are cheery, anyway.)

If you're one who finds the perpetually perky rather annoying (or if you have kind of a warped sense of humor, like I do), I have just the album for you:

Yup, this little jewel is the antidote to all that holiday cheer. It's a compilation of some of the most depressing Christmas songs ever, with contributions from various artists. (Good thing, too. I'd hate to think one singer devoted a whole album to this.)

Here's a list of the songs: 

1. Somebody Stole My Santa Claus Suit
2. Christmas Eve Can Kill You
3. Santa Came Home Drunk
4. Don't Believe in Christmas
5. Lonely Christmas Call
6. Christmas in Vietnam
7. Santa Got a DWI
8. Who Took the Merry Out of Christmas?
9. Who Say There Ain't No Santa Claus
10. Christmas in Jail
11. Christmas Spirit
12. Christmas in Prison

We have this album in our Christmas mix. And, okay, yeah. I do giggle whenever I listen to it. Because they are (I told you I was warped.)

So, do you have a favorite sad Christmas song?

Or, heck, let's not limit it to Christmas. Any sad song will do. It can even be one that actually makes you cry, instead of giggle uncontrollably. (Me, I can giggle and cry at the same time.)


Elizabeth Flora Ross said...

You had me at "warped!" LOL

Summer Frey said...

Awww, I need that.

I have several sad Christmas songs. The "Christmas Time is Here" one from the Charlie Brown Christmas--ugh. Kill me now.

Also, "I'll be Home for Christmas." I know there are others, but I'm drawing a blank. I've heard "Run Rudolph Run" so many times lately that it's making me homicidal...

abby mumford said...

if you were truly dedicated to your readers, you would have posted some lyrics to these songs because what i'm imagining are the lyrics for "who took the merry out of christmas" probably aren't right.

but then again, maybe they are. i'll never know.

bah humbug.

Anne Gallagher said...

I'll take #2 and #4 for the win Alex.

I think the Carpenter's Christmas album is pretty sad.

Kelly Breakey said...

Every year it seems I find a new one to like. This year my ring tone is set to Merry Xmas, Happy Holiday by N'Sync. Don't judge me. Justin Timberlake was just so hot!!!

Jennifer Shirk said...

The title of #7 made me crack up.

My hubby would LOVE album like this. LOL

Teri Anne Stanley said...

Those cats meowing "Jingle Bells" does it for me. Mostly because I can't go back in time and kill the person who recorded it.

Elena Solodow said...

#7 is great!

Unknown said...

I like the Twisted Christmas song, "The Chimney Song."

A sample...(the music is perky, the message dark *giggle*)

"There's smething stuck up in the chimney and I don't know what it is, but it's been there all night long..."

Candyland said...

Now this is more up my alley!!!!

Dianne K. Salerni said...

That IS a depressing line-up! Who are the artists? (I'm kind of guessing mostly country-western singers, but I could be wrong ...)

Trisha Leigh said...

These are awesome. I need to purchase this album immediately.

Shalet Jimmy said...

Only happy Christmas songs.........

demery said...

Sarah Mclaughan's Christmas album, Wintersong, is sad but sooooo beautiful. Loving your sad but funny list!

Sierra Godfrey said...

I don't have a sad song but I really like listening to the lyrics about the stinky, stanky, stunky Grinch in the Grinch Christmas song. I love that it's all about how disgusting he is!


OK, somehow I have to find a copy of "Santa Got a DWI." Surely there's one online somewhere!


Nick said...

I think I'll play it to my cat.

Linda G. said...

Elizabeth -- Ha! That's what TG said when he met me. ;)

Summer -- Embarrassing admission: the Charlie Brown Christmas special makes me cry.

Abby -- LOL! I thought about that, but that smacked of taking time, and I got lazy. I think you can listen to snippets of them at Amazon -- just do a search on the album there.

Anne -- So many of the Carpenters' songs are. :)

Kelly -- LOL! Don't worry. I never judge. Well, unless I'm sitting on the Couch of Judgment. Then all bets are off. ;)

Jennifer -- It's been around for a while, but I think it's still available online. ;)

Teri Anne -- Oh, and don't forget the barking dog version! That's annoying, too.

Elena -- #7 seems to be popular. ;)

Jeannie -- LOL! I've never heard that one. I'll have to do a search on it -- sounds like just my cup of tea. ;)

Candyland -- Yeah, thought you might like it. ;)

Dianne -- You can check out the whole album at Amazon. Even listen to snippets. :)

Trisha -- Enjoy! :)

Shalet Jimmy -- To each her own. :)

Demery -- I'll have to check out Wintersong. Bet it's lovely.

Sierra -- Ha! I adore the Grinch, in all his disgusting glory.

Tawna -- It is a classic. Christmas here wouldn't be complete without it.

Nick -- Hope your cat enjoys it! :)