Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Humps are Drooping

And apparently directionally challenged...
Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

So last week's snowstorm wasn't as bad as predicted -- we wound up with only 5 inches instead of the predicted 8 - 12. I'm sure I don't have to tell you how disappointing 5 inches can be when you're expecting upwards of a foot.

HA! Not really. I was thrilled we (and by "we" I mean TG) only had to deal with the lesser amount. The snow blower was more than up for the job, and TG had our driveway cleared in no time. Also our sidewalks and the neighbors sidewalks. Yay, snow blower!

So why are my humps drooping? Because my poor TG is sick. :(

Though we were both dutifully vaccinated against the flu, the vaccine wasn't a great match this year, and he got hit by the flu truck. Or possibly the reeeeally bad cold truck. But considering how fast it came on, and the fever, and the body aches, and awful cough ... well, my money is on the flu. Maybe not quite as bad as a Monster Flu, so perhaps the vaccine took the edge off.

Me? I'm taking care of him while doing my level best not the breathe in any germs. (Me: "Want some chicken soup, honey? Here, catch!") I've been sleeping in the guest room so I, um, won't disturb his rest. (Okay, okay...perhaps there's a slightly less altruistic reason, too. But, hey, if I don't stay well, how can I toss soup at lovingly take care of my dearest?)

And I'm in the middle of a painstakingly careful proof-read of the first pass pages (where it looks all typeset and officially like a real book -- YAY!) of Quick Fix. Which I'm trying desperately to finish before any of those tricky germs slip by my defenses and lay me low.

But I'm very excited to see this on my computer screen:

If you can't read that second page, it says:

Tor books by Linda Grimes

In a Fix
Quick Fix

I have a Books Page! As in, more than one book! (Hey, you have to celebrate the little things in this biz. Stop and smell every rose, that's my motto.)

So, are your humps droopy or perky today? (Perky, I hope.)

What roses have you stopped to sniff lately?


Anne Gallagher said...

...a mere 5 inches when you expect a foot. ROTFLMAO

I'm sorry TG is sick. You're a good wife for taking care of him.

Best of luck with your page passes. That's very exciting.

abby mumford said...

BOOKS by linda grimes. that's a happy sentence right there.

my humps are droopy and basically zombie-fied, as i can't seem to get any more than 4 hours of sleep a night.

feel better, TG.

Patty Blount said...

Wonder if there's an underwire that can help that poor camel ?

I hope you and TG are feeling better soon.

LD Masterson said...

A books page. Oh, the joy of it.

As for me, my spirits are perky but everything else is in permanent droop mode.

Stay well.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

I sympathize with that poor camel. My poor lady humps have been drooping for a long time. Alas, what can I say? Gravity is cruel.

So sorry about T.G. having the flu. It's been hitting a lot of people hard this year. You keep on tossing the soup his way and sleeping in another room. No time for YOU to get sick. (Ain't that always the way?)

Woo-HOO on the BOOKS page.

Patsy said...

I hope your humps perk up soon (and I wouldn't say that to just anyone)

Diane Henders said...

Woohoo! Congrats on the "Books by" page. :-) I hope you manage to avoid the plague.

Latest roses smelled: I've actually taken the time to read a few books (that aren't my own MS) in the last couple of days. Shocking, I know.

Carol Kilgore said...

The books, I mean. Not TG's flu. Lysol and handwashing.
Here's hoping your humps won't droop.

S.P. Bowers said...

I'm excited for Quick Fix though I'm not sure you can top the catapult. sorry about the flu. I'm with you on the soup tossing.

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Well, I'm in standardized test hell this week and feeling droopy. That poor camel, though. It looks like a painful condition!

I hope TG is better soon, and congrats on the BookSSSS page!

Kimberly Sabatini said...

Take System Well! It's great stuff!

Al said...

A bit droopy.
Work and renovating gets tiring!

No roses, but it has finally stopped raining and we had a crystal sky full of stars last night.

Kari Lynn Dell said...

What TG has sounds exactly like what both of my boys have been through. My husband did tested and was negative for flu, just really nasty bronchitis. And I'm like you, trying not to inhale. Which is very unlike me.

Susan Adrian said...

Ah, poor TG!! Hope you avoid it!

M has had a VERY nasty cough for almost two solid weeks now. Boo to sick season. (someday we will sleep again...)

Have fun with the proofing!!

Jennifer Shirk said...

Hope TG is feeling better!! And you're not sick.

Love your bookS page. LOL

Raley Blue said...

Hope everyone is feeling well now!! Prayers and ((((((((sistermamawriterhugs))))))) all around. BOOKS!! As in plural!! CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!!! I can NOT wait to read Quick Fix. I just sent In A Fix to my Grammy for her 86th birthday. :)

Deniz Bevan said...

I had no idea humps could droop!
That snowstorm is headed our way... I thought spring was coming??

Sending virtual chicken soup!