Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Perfect Hump Day Read!!!

So, guess what I found on my porch yesterday?!!?

Go ahead, GUESS!!

Oh, never mind. I'll tell you SHOW you:

That's MAKING WAVES, the hilariously sexy novel by none other than my fantabulous critique partner, Tawna Fenske.

(Yes, that is me behind the book. No, I do not show my face this early in the morning. You're welcome.)

I'm so excited I could pee my pants! (Only, I won't. Because, yannoh, leather couch.)

Here's how it's described at the online sites where you can buy it:

When Alex Bradshaw's unscrupulous boss kicks him to the curb after 20 faithful years as an executive with the world's largest shipping company, he sets out to reclaim his dignity and his pension. Assembling a team of fellow corporate castoffs, he sails to the Caribbean to intercept an illegal diamond shipment. None of them counted on quirky blonde stowaway Juli Flynn, who has a perplexing array of talents, a few big secrets, and an intoxicating romantic chemistry with Alex...

Intriguing, huh? You know what that "intoxicating romantic chemistry" means, don't you? *waggles eyebrows* Yeah. Have your fan on standby.

 Folks, this book is good. A Pure D Fun escape from the workaday world. In fact, this book is so entertaining, I'm going to give it the inaugural...

Grimes Giggle Guarantee!

If you don't laugh yourself silly while reading, just send me your copy of the book and I will send you a lemon to suck, you sourpuss! your money back. (Seriously. I feel quite safe in making this guarantee.)

Oh, and since it's Hump Day, and I know how y'all like your camel pics, here:

This camel wishes it were reading MAKING WAVES. Ha! It should be so lucky.

(Are you still here? Shoo. Go buy your own copy of Tawna's book. You'll be glad you did.)


Dianne K. Salerni said...

Is that an early release?? Rats. I'm pretty sure they don't release the Kindle versions early.

Linda G. said...

Dianne -- Yeah. Amazon sent out the pre-orders way early. Woo-hoo!

abby mumford said...

my copy is working its way towards me as i type this!!! i can't wait!!

Karen Jones Gowen said...

What a fun read! And the camel pic is hilarious!

Summer Frey said...

My copy is winging its way through the mail system as well!

Linda G. said...

Abby -- You're in for a really good time! :)

KarenG -- I do enjoy camel pics. They're so, I mean regal.

Summer -- I know you'll enjoy it! :)

Unknown said...

Amazon is selling it now! I got mine on my way... too bad I'll have to wait like 2 months to get it though :(

Kerry Schafer said...

I'm waiting until I can walk into my small town local Walmart and buy it there. Then I can brag to everybody that I know the author and take pictures of the book "in the wild" and all that.

Trisha Leigh said...

I was lucky enough to read an early copy and Linda is so not exaggerating. The book is hilarious and sexy and something you might not want to read in public if you're prone to blushing.

I read it on the subway to Coney Island. Big mistake. Big. HUGE.

Pearson Report said...

I have stumbled into your camel shoot by way of "Coming Down the Mountain" where I just left some gnarly looking critters (lost relative of mine, I suspect).

Couple of things caught my eye...your favourite quotes and the IAQ's - nothing intrigues me more than having a good laugh.

So...I'm laughing and following! (always multi-tasking)

Cheers, Jenny

Steph Schmidt said...

The person behind that camel picture is brilliant. But I love it when Amazon, etc., ship books early. It's like Christmas had a a time warp.

Carol Kilgore said...

I just saw this book on another blog! Sounds great :)

Sarah Tokeley said...

I'm so jealous, I really want to read this one.

Also, it's good to know I can always rely on you to bring me camel pictures :)

Miss Good on Paper said...

Sounds like a good one! I just found your blog and am in love with your writing style. Hope that doesn't sound too stalkerish... =)

Thanks for this post!

-Miss GOP (a new follower)

Teri Anne Stanley said...

Ditto with you Linda, on the review. It's been a long time since I enjoyed reading a romantic comedy this much!

Buy It. You'll be glad!

Kimberly Sabatini said...

I got mine too!!!! Love that book and I already gave it to a friend so she can be a life long Tawana Fenske fan!!!!!!

Linda G. said...

Monica -- Dang the post office!

Kerry -- Oooh, I like that "in the wild" idea. Appropriate for this book. ;)

Trisha -- LOL! Yeah, there are some blush-worthy scenes, that's for sure. Loved them!

Pearson Report -- Happy to make your acquaintance! Hope to see more of you. :)

Steph -- Exactly! Fun. :)

Carol -- Oh, it is! I'll bet you'll be seeing a lot of it around the blogosphere.

Sarah -- It ought to be readily available very soon, if not already. And I'm glad you like the camel pics! :)

Miss GOP -- Thanks for following! Stalker who say such nice things are always welcome. ;)

Teri -- Sing it, sistah! :)

K-pop -- You pusher, you! (I do the same thing. *grin*)

Adriana said...

Mine is supposed to arrive tomorrow. I'm SOOOO excited!!! :)

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Woo HOO! Lucky you. (You sure do have an awesome collection of camel pics!)


Awww...thanks for the kind words, everyone. I was a little taken aback by having Amazon and Barnes & Noble ship two weeks early, but it's kind of exciting to get all this wonderful feedback two weeks before the actual release date. Thanks so much for the support!


Michele Shaw said...

Congrats to Tawna! And aren't you lucky to have such a great CP:)