Friday, February 25, 2011

"Why not?" she said awkwardly.

Remember when I had a contest to get the best answer to the question "Why?"

(Hmm. Do I need another question mark at the end of that sentence? It looks awkward either way.)

(I suppose I should rearrange it somehow, to get rid of the awkwardness. But you know what? I think the world could use more awkwardness. It's kinda cute. And mostly harmless. It makes people feel more comfortable themselves to see someone else being awkward. You know, in that whole "at least I'm not the only awkward person in the room" way. So I'll leave it.)

There. Don't you feel better now?

Wait! Not that you're awkward. I didn't mean to imply that at ALL.

Dang. AWKward...

*ahem* Moving on.

My point is, I thought that whole "Why?" contest was kind of fun. So I thought I'd do another. Only this time the question is:


Because that was one of the answers given to the "Why?"

Ha-HAH! What're you going to answer now, huh?

Hint: "Why?" won't cut it. 

[Okay, okay. You caught me. YES, this is just a clever ploy on my part to bolster my collection of excuses. As I've discussed before, one can never have too many excuses on hand. Indulge me.]

Best answer wins a prize!!* 

Pithiness is not only allowed, but encouraged.

As is poetry, if you feel like it. You can answer in the form of a limerick. Or a haiku, if limericks are too long. Heck, if you write a whole sonnet, you're practically guaranteed at least an honorable mention.

You could even link to a self-made music video on YouTube. You know, if you're the over-achieving sort. But it doesn't have to be a poem or a music video. You could just channel your inner smartass, and dash off something rude. You know I'm a great aficionado of all things smartass. 

Winner selected on a purely subjective basis, by me, and wholly dependent upon my mood at the time of selection.

Contest closes...*thinks*, Tuesday, March 1st, at 5:23 pm, EST. Enter early, enter often!

*Prize to be determined by me, on a whim, and, as before, likely to be something silly and/or edible.

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