Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How full is your glass?

On the pessimist/realist/optimist continuum, I fall somewhere between realist and optimist. Maybe a bit more toward optimist. I like feeling hopeful. It's just a more pleasant sensation for me.

I'm not totally whackadoodle about it, though. If somebody gives me a sack of horse hockey for [insert gift-giving occasion of your choice], I'm not going to jump up and down in excitement and start looking for the pony. But I probably will spread it on the garden. No reason not to make the best of a *cough* crappy situation. Of  course, I'll likely tell whoever gave it to me to where to go before I start fertilizing, and there won't be any cool breezes in my suggested destination.

Mostly I agree with this:

Which I suppose makes me a pragmatist more than anything.

It turns out, according to this article in a British newspaper, that where you fall on the spectrum is quite likely genetic.

So, apparently, some people can't help being negative. They were born that way.

Okay. I can buy that. But I still say, even if you are genetically pre-programmed to be a curmudgeon, that's no excuse to be a #$@%-wad about it.

Yes, I know how annoying it is to be around the Perpetual Pollyannas. How all that smiling optimism in the face of the bullsh!t tsunamis life throws our way can set your teeth on edge. But try to bear up. Remember, they were born that way, too.

How about you?

On a scale of 1 to 10...

...with 1 being "If I won $100 million in the lottery, I'd whine about the taxes"

...and 10 being "If my car got towed, in the rain, on a day I forgot my umbrella and had no money for a taxi, and I lived ten miles away--uphill--I'd tell you I was happy for the exercise,"

...where do you fall?

Personally, I think I'm a nice, healthy 6.5. (Maybe a 5 when I'm feeling hormonal. But then I eventually get over myself and just thank God I still have hormones...)


Please don't try to impress me with negative numbers. Nobody's that negative. ;)

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