Thursday, July 15, 2010

Addendum to yesterday's post

Had a little convo with the theater god after he got home and read yesterday's post.

TG: "You left out the best part."

Me: "I did?" Not the shoe thing again.

TG: "Yeah. You know."

Me: I do? Please, not the shoes....

TG: *meaningful look*

Me: *gulp* "Oh, yeah. I was trying to block that from my mind. Because it wasn't my fault!"

TG: "Yes, it was."

Me: "Okay. Maybe. But it wasn't significant."

TG: "Like hell! It's significant that I ever asked you out again after that."

Me: "Oh, for Pete's sake. So I melted a little. Most guys like it if they can make their girlfriends melt."

TG: "You didn't melt. Your shoes melted. All over my chrome exhaust system."

Me: "Well, how was I supposed to know it was too hot to rest my heels on?"

TG: "It was an exhaust system!"

Me: *stares blankly*

TG: "Admit it. You only did it because I didn't bring toilet paper."

Me: "I am not that petty!" Heh-heh-heh.

TG: "I just think it's important to note I did not yell when I saw what you'd done, even though my pristine chrome was ruined. "

Me: "Hey, I didn't yell when I saw how your stupid motorcycle ruined my shoes, either."

TG: "And that's why we were meant for each other."

Additional things I learned on that camping trip:

1. Motorcycle exhaust systems get hot enough to melt the rubber soles of shoes.

2. When your feet keep sliding around, your soles might be melting.

3. You should probably keep your feet on the handy-dandy little flip-out pegs that are meant for, yannoh, your feet.

4. A guy who doesn't yell when you maim his precious motorcycle is probably a keeper.


Dina Santorelli said...

Yes, men are from Cars, but we love them anyway. :0

Elizabeth Ryann said...

Hahaha, way to pass a real test, on both your parts.

Anonymous said...

TG: "And that's why we were meant for each other."

I swooned. Just a little. Okay, a lot.

Candyland said...

You two are the cutest things ever.


OMG, that's adorable!

So was the chrome beyond repair, or was he able to have it cleaned up? Obviously I know zilch about motorcycle chrome.


Linda G. said...

Dina -- ...and women are from "Pee-ness"? ;)

Elizabeth -- Yeah. I'm thinking they should make all couples pass the camping test before they issue a marriage license. Probably do wonders to bring down the divorce rate. ;)

Posey -- Gotta admit, TG still makes me swoon. And not JUST because he makes a mean Manhattan. ;)

Patty -- Kinda sickening, huh? ;)

Candyland -- Nooo! OMG, we've reached the dreaded "cute" stage of couple-hood! Can dressing alike be far behind? (Um, come to think of it, we do have matching raincoats. But only because they were on sale & I don't mind wearing men's jackets, I swear!)

Tawna -- Sweet, cute, and now adorable? That's it. I'm telling TG to get the cigars back out. My reputation is deteriorating!

Thanks for commenting, everyone! :)

Linda G. said...

P.S. To Tawna -- alas, the marks of my shoes stayed forever on the finish. Served as a reminder to TG not to press further camping trips with me--kind of like two little heads on stakes. ;)

Kelly Breakey said...

So how were you to know that the exhaust was the exhaust and that your shoes would melt...I think this could happen to anyone (Not that it ever happened to me either, I am just saying.) It's not like we are mind mean you. You are not a mind reader. That TG is lucky you agreed to go out with him again.

But it was a sweet story. Awwwwww

My hubs said some things I am not going to repeat here, but he did mention that you after ruining TG's exhaust you were the lucky one.

I totally disagree. Just so you know.

Linda G. said...

Kelly -- Tell you hubs not to worry about TG. He got better mileage out of the shoe story than he ever did out of his motorcycle, and that's saying something. ;)