Friday, December 11, 2009

Wooly Willy and me

So, about my profile pic...yeah. I know. Trust me, I'm going to upload a current picture of me as soon I can arrange an appointment with Glamour Shots. Might need to schedule extra time with them. ;)

In the meantime, remember this guy? (Come on, you know you do.)

I was thinking of having a contest to see who could photoshop my profile pic (see below, anyone reading this after I change the official one) a la Wooly Willy. The goal would be to make the picture look as much like the current me as possible. (Hint: hair would help.)

There will be two categories of judging: Most Accurate Rendition and Most Hilarious Rendition. (There will be no prize for Most Obscene Rendition, so don't even think about it, people.)

Prizes: Books. (Titles to be decided by what I can find on my shelves.) Maybe some candy. And, I dunnoh, glorious recognition of your artistic ability?

How to enter: email the phyical manifestation of your artistic genius to me at linda (dot) grimes (at) gmail (dot) com, and I will upload the best ones to the blog.

Judging: Well, if I had a lot of visitors, I would let them vote. But I'm new, and I don't think I do. So I guess it will just have to be my call. (Feel free to suck up to me. Flattery works. Bribes, too.)

Contest will close Friday, Dec. 18 or whenever I get at least two entries, whichever comes last. (Could take a while, folks. Like I said: new here.)

Have at it!


Tiffany Schmidt said...

How fun! I can't wait to try this. Horns, fangs & such okay?


Linda G. said...

Hey, how'd you know what the real me looks like? ;) Yeah, go for it. Have fun!