Sunday, December 6, 2009

Let's pretend...

...I can blog.

Okay. Word for the day: Pretend.

Lots of meanings listed in the dictionary, but my preferred definition is "to make believe."

Because as a writer that's what I try to do--make readers believe. Wild things, wacky things, silly things, even some scary things. Stuff they know, in their heart of hearts and logical brains, can't possibly be real, but for a small space in time, while squeezed between my pages, they are willing to pretend with me. Because it's fun.

Since I write fiction (no, not published yet, but I'm working on it...), I spend a lot of time pretending. I used to pretend on stage, and that was fun too, but the directors and other actors tended to want to do stuff their way sometimes. Huh. Go figure. But when I write I get to pretend everything the way I want it to be! Which is really cool. Also, I don't have to spend a lot of time putting on stage make-up, which is nice, because stage make-up always gave me zits.

Fortunately, the people who are a part of my real life (husband, children, friends) understand my "pretending" affliction, and play along with me. It was in fact my daughter who gave me the idea for the name of this blog, in the form of a lovely earthenware plaque that reads "Reality is a nice place to visit but you wouldn't want to live there." She knows me so well. :)

Confession time: this isn't my first blog. It seems, when it comes to writing anything that smacks of "journal" or "diary," I suck. Royally. I'm always running off and cheating on the blog with my novels.

I know. It's embarrassing. Commitment issues are so trite, and trite is a writer's worst enemy. (Well, second worst. After "boring.") But I am going to try my best to visit this little corner of reality on a semi-regular basis ... if I can do it without slipping into the clutches of those two enemies. But fair warning: if boredom and triteness move in, I'm moving out. Just so you know.

(This is a not an idle threat. I have kids and they have cats, and you KNOW how writers can go on and on about kids and cats. If I feel myself slipping into raptures about either, I will have to recuse myself from the blogosphere until sanity returns.)

(Disclaimer: that mention of the kids and cats doesn't count, because I was, you know, recusing myself and all. But while under the shelter of this disclaimer I should mention that the kiddos and cats are exceedingly adorable. Just so you know I'm not NOT talking about them because they're ugly or something. Both son and daughter are gorgeous. Also, husband is hot. In case you were inappropriately curious.)

Anyway, thank you for taking time to visit my reality. *bows and waits for the sound of clapping; hears crickets* Oh, yeah. No applause for writing.

Unless I pretend it... *listens to the roar of the audience in my head; smiles*


Anonymous said...

Is this thing on?? Hello?

WELCOME TO YOUR BLOG, LINDA!!!! Oh, and that picture is adorbs, you look CUTE without hair! ;)

Linda G. said...

Ya think? Maybe I should try it again...nah, maybe not. I don't think I could pull it off now.

And thanks, bb! YOU are my inspiration. I said to myself, Emily doesn't blog every day (or even, sometimes, every month) and HER blog still rules, so maybe I can do this! ;)

courtney summers said...


Linda G. said...

LOL! Have I told you how much I love hyperbole?

(Aside: have I told you I used to think that was pronounced "hyper-bowl" until I was, wait. I can't divulge that. Too embarrassing.)

Anyway, if it just became more sparkly, it's only because YOU are here, bb. :)