Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Over One Hump! (More on the horizon.)

Whew! What a week. Busy, busy, busy. 

Saturday was fun. The reading/signing at B & N went really well. Sold some books (and not just to family!). The manager was nice enough to set me up at the front of the store, so as to catch the attention of the passers-by in the mall as well as those who were in the store to browse for books. 

Had a few of my buddies from QUICK FIX along with me, providing moral support:

That's Molly-O (the "O" for "orangutan," obviously), Ciel's little honorary cousin, whose aura-adapting talent emerges at an awkward time in the book. And on top of the candy basket is Herbert, Ciel's bother James's pet chameleon. (You might have to squint to see him.) 

All right, they're not real. They're props. As an ex-(or maybe not-so-ex-)-actress, I know the importance of a good prop to help you through a performance. 

Oh, and "JENFACE" (the paper doll version of @JentheAmazing) was there, too. She came to my very first signing of IN A FIX last year, so I brought her along for good luck this time, too. 

(Aside to Jen: Good news! There was no tornado this time!)

Anyway, now that the hooplah has died down a bit, I'm plowing ahead with the next book...

By Lucien Mahin (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (
Because, damn. Deadline. Can't relax until I'm over the next hump.

Hope all your upcoming humps are happy ones! :)


Patsy said...

Glad it all went well.

Diane Henders said...

Congrats on a successful signing! And I'm looking forward to the next book - I devoured Quick Fix far too fast!

Karen Jones Gowen said...

It's a great picture of you reading. Wish I could have been there to get an autographed copy!

Linda G. said...

Patsy -- Me, too. Whew! *grin*

Diane -- Thanks. I'm writing as fast as I can! :)

Karen -- Thanks! I wish you could have been there, too. :)

Anne Gallagher said...

Looks like you had fun! I wish I could have been there. You'll have to give me some tips -- I'm doing my first book signing in October.

Linda G. said...

Anne -- Cool! As for tips...well, a small basket of chocolate on the table doesn't hurt. ;)

abby mumford said...

congrats, grimes! it all looks very profesh.

Linda G. said...

Thanks, Mumford! :)

Judy,Judy,Judy. said...

You are an amazing segue-er. Plowing onto the next book as a segue to the camel plowing - that was genius.

Linda G. said...

JJJ -- Why thank you. Could do a Hump Day post without a camel pic, could I? *grin*

S.P. Bowers said...

There's always another hump. Hope they're all happy ones.

Jen Stayrook said...

ONE OF THESE DAYS, I will make it to a book signing. You will have an ACTUAL JEN eating all your chocolate.

I'm happy for you and I'm so proud. And I'm incredibly glad there weren't any tornadoes! =)

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Congratulations on a great signing!

And gosh -- we work so hard for these deals and then BANG! Deadlines! Eeek! I know how you'll feel.

This fall I will be proof-reading one, revising the second, and drafting the third -- simultaneously. Bet you know that feeling!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

I'm glad it's going so well for you. Having Molly-O along with you was a fun touch.

Now, back to work! Your fans are eagerly awaiting your next book. (But don't bust your hump writing it.)

Lola Sharp said...

Of course it went well, Linda, who could resist you and your charms, your delightful humor? <3 Congrats on the wonderful signing! :)

*hands you a drinky-poo aka 'deadline juice'*

Linda G. said...

S.P. -- Yup. Great metaphor for life: never-ending humps. ;)

Dianne -- I do know the feeling. Gets a bit frenzied, huh?

Susan -- LOL! I'll try not to bust any humps.

Lola -- "Deadline juice"? LOL! I love that! And thanks. :)

Kimberly Sabatini said...

Over the next hump...*giggle* I've got QUICK FIX on my Kindle--now to find back to school time to read! Love all the pics BTW.

Halloween Parade Chairman said...

That's awesome it went so well!

You and your table look fantastic!

Many happy sales, girl!

Dawn@Lighten Up! said...

"I'm plowing ahead with the next book..."
Isn't that always the way? I get one chapter done, I'm worrying about the next one. I imagine if I ever finish my book and get it published, I'll just be "plowing ahead with the next book."
Congrats, lady. Well deserved.