Wednesday, December 14, 2011


So, it's getting to be that time of year. The time for facing the consequences of a year's worth of behavior.

Yeah, the Big Guy in the Red Suit is watching, and he knows things.

Damn. It's enough to make you paranoid.

I, of course, have been an absolute angel.

Well, except for the drinking, eating junk when I really shouldn't, and the bad words.

Oh, and *cough* possibly some uncharitable thoughts about my fellow drivers and where I thought their final destination should be.

Perhaps embellished with a suggestion of what, er, "activity" they might enjoy once they got there. Explained with hand gestures. But, really, the hand gestures were just in case they didn't grasp my full meaning. Explaining things to the simple-minded is a kindness, right?  

All right, all right. Maybe I wasn't precisely an "angel." Maybe I even deserve a few lumps of coal in my stocking. But you know what?

Totally worth it!

How about you? Are you on Santa's Nice List or his Naughty List?

(Like how I snuck that camel in there? Happy Hump Day!)


Patty Blount said...

I love it!

A happy and a merry to you and yours, Linda!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Mostly nice, but naughty enough to keep the hubby happy.

abby mumford said...

at the beginning of the post, i was thinking, oh no! what am i going to do without my camel pic fix. PHEW. thank goodness i didn't have to find out today.

i'm on the nice list too, except for the "sidewalk rage" which is the same as road rage, but it's when i'm walking places. people have no sidewalk etiquette!

Carol Kilgore said...

Old Santa really gets around!
Of course I'm on the nice list. Except for maybe - uh,oh. Gotta go.

Delia said...

Heh. I'd like to think I'm on the naughty list, but more likely, I'm on the generally-too-boring-to-bother-watching list. Unless the naughtiness triggers some sort of North Pole watch-her-now-No-Now-RIGHT-NOW! alarm, in which case, I'm doomed.

Sarah Tokeley said...

Which list I'm on depends whether or not Santa can read minds :-)

Unknown said...

ha! im not on either list. oh, the beauty of sitting the fence :)

i kid. i kid. er...maybe not.

also, love the camel pic

Bess Weatherby said...


Lenny Lee said...

hi miss linda! that camel picture is sooo cool. its gotta be pretty hot riding round the dessert in that santa suit. for me i been mostly nice except fot the times i been naughty. but i didnt get caught so santa doesnt know. :)
...hugs from lenny

Steph Schmidt said...

Go Santa for using all means of transpiration when he goes around the world to deliver presents!

I'm probably only saying this because I really want to ride a camel and a reindeer someday.

Pearson Report said...

You do have a way with words!

And...I'm a fan of coal - I purposely installed a coal burning fireplace for these yearly occasions - wouldn't want to waste what is given in the true spirit of the season...right?!

Merry, merry, happy, happy! (that should sum it up)


Al said...

I reckon that photo just has to have been taken in Oz

Patsy said...

I've not been a complete angel but if, as seems likely, he compares us with nine year old boys, I suspect I might not come off too badly.

Anne Gallagher said...

I believe for the most part I have been nice. But then we'll see. My hand gestures have been a little grandiose of late.

Totally lurve the Santa pic. I wonder if he really does ride a camel in the desert, or just flies in in a helicopter.

Dianne K. Salerni said...

I snorted coffee when I read Susan Flett Swiderski's response!

Does ignoring your family, friends, and blog acquaintances while you hang out with your fictional buddies count as "naughty" or "nice?"

Kelly Breakey said...

I am on the Nice list this year. Of course next year I am going to work on being just a tad bit Naughty.

Trisha Leigh said...

Santa. On a camel. I don't even know what I would do without your Wednesday post. And if you were an angel all year long, what would you write about??

Dawn@Lighten Up! said...

Linda, were you pointing at all those drivers with your middle finger again?
So was I.

Judy,Judy,Judy. said...

As a matter of fact I love how you snuck the camel in there.
And I'm on the nice list - unfortunately not enough chances to be naughty this year. Hope to change that next year.

Linda G. said...

Patty -- To you and yours, too! :)

Susan -- LOL! Sounds like you've achieved optimum balance.

Abby -- Ha! Sidewalk rage? I love it, you naughty girl. ;)

Carol -- That's okay. My imagination is probably worse than whatever you did. ;)

Delia -- LOL! Aren't we all. *grin*

Sarah -- You know, I used to worry about that when I was a kid. It's enough to make you put on a tin foil hat.

Karla -- Uh-huh. I believe you. 0_0

K-pop -- You've blown it now! ;)

Bess -- Thanks! I like him, too.

Lenny -- Glad you like it! And I can't believe you're ever naughty. :)

Steph -- I rode a camel once. At a zoo, with my little brother. It's wobbly.

Jenny -- Why thank you! Hippo Holly Days to you! :)

Al -- LOL! Wouldn't surprise me.

Patsy -- Good point. Hmmm. Maybe Santa better compare me with 13-year-old boys. I might come off looking okay then.

Anne -- Oh, camel. Totally. Look at the pictorial evidence. ;)

Dianne -- I know, right? Me too. Oh, working in your WIP counts as "nice." Of course. (That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.)

Kelly -- Seriously. It's way more fun. ;)

Trisha -- Very good point! All the naughtiness is strictly research.

Dawn -- It was more like waving... ;)

Triple J -- Gotta work on that naughty side! It's fun.

Unknown said...

I've been NICE!! Of course!!
But don't ask anyone who knows me, okay? lol.
Also, so Dessert Santa doesn't have a sleigh for sliding down the Sahara dunes? LOVE this pic, tho! :D
Sorry I haven't been commenting so much lately--but I guess you know why. :)