Saturday, February 6, 2010


So, it appears the weather-persons have been all too accurate in their prognostications for this storm.

WHY? Why now??

Tell me why, why, why do they have to get it right this time when they are wrong 90% of the time otherwise? It's my freakin' birthday, for goshsake, and this is not what I wanted.

*sigh* Okay, got that out of my whiny little system.

We have about two feet of the white stuff now, and it's not supposed to "taper off" until midnight tonight. In fact, the bands of the heaviest snow have yet to hit. Oh joy.

Here's the view from the garage to our mailbox. Squint. You'll see it there:

And here's the front yard. Under those trees is the "conversation pit" where we have drinks with the neighbors on fine summer evenings. It's like a ... a desecration of all that's warm and happy about neighborly interraction.

But you know, this whole thing got me thinking about timing. Timing really is everything. If a storm like this had hit when I was ten years old, I would have been in absolute heaven. I would have been making snow forts, and snowmen with snowballs & snowwomen with snowboobs, and tunneling through the drifts, and generally jumping and shouting with glee. It's kind of sad that I've lost that.

Then again, when I was ten I couldn't sit inside by the fire and enjoy hot tea laced with American Honey. There are compensations to getting older. ;)



I agree, snow is a pretty lousy birthday present. Well, happy birthday anyway. Pour yourself another drink! And thanks for the tip, I'm going to see if our local liquor store carries American Honey. Looks like tasty stuff!

Hope you survive the snow. Good luck!


Linda G. said...

Oh, American Honey is very tasty stuff. Maybe a little sweet to sip on its own (for my taste, anyway), but the perfect accompaniment for a cup of tea on a cold winter's afternoon. Yum!


I hate coffee but looooooooove tea, so American Honey sounds right up my alley. Thanks for the suggestion!


Linda G. said...

I don't hate coffee, but it's not too fond of me sometimes, so I generally stick to tea. I love trying new kinds. Black, green, white, all the herbals--so many to choose from! *happy sigh*

Tiffany Schmidt said...

Um, so American Honey isn't.... honey?

I was trying to figure out why you weren't allowed to have it when you were ten.

Linda G. said...

Hi, Tiffany!

Nope, not honey. Even better. I didn't discover it until B's brother brought us a bottle a few winters ago. Said it was good for the cold, and boy was he right! Doesn't make the cold go away, but you definitely don't mind it as much. ;)