Monday, February 1, 2010

Pssst. I'm not really here...

Dear Blog,

I'm actually finishing up revisions for my wonderful agent. But, since I cheat on you ALL THE TIME with my novel, I thought it only fair to cheat on it with you.

So, what have you been up to? I have been shoveling more snow, and generally holding down the fort while my darling husband has been playing in L.A. at the Grammies. Alas, his label (Wolf Trap Recording) did not win for Best Opera Recording. C'est la vie. It was a long shot, anyway. And it truly was an honor to be nominated. Congratulations, honey! And at least you got to see Pink's amazing upside-down & almost-naked performance in person. That's something.

Even though I chose not to go along to the Grammies (have I mentioned my flying phobia yet? No? Well, never mind. It's really not important), I at least got a ton of stuff done around here. That snow, for instance. It is off the driveway. And the sidewalk. And the front porch. (It's still on the deck. I'm only one woman.)

Oh, and laundry. That was exciting. Also, ate at Subway one night (pre-snow) with Son. We both got kind of sick. I'm not saying it was Subway's fault, but it was the only common denominator in our diet that day. Draw your own conclusions.

And, yes, revisions. Or should I say re-re-revisions. Because I've been through it *cough* more than once. Why is it so hard to let go of the revisions? I already know my agent loves the book. (Or so she tells me. She wouldn't lie about a thing like that, would she?) Logically, the tweaks should only make her love it more.

But...what if my tweaks made it worse? What if they destroyed the tenuous piece of magic that captured her attention in the first place?

What if I just made the book suck?

Yes, writers can be jiggling masses of neurotic goo. Near as I can tell from all my writer friends, it is a fairly normal state. Still, not pretty.

Okay, enough of this cheating already. I'm already regretting it. (So cheap! So tawdry!) It never turns out well. Back to novel to beg its forgiveness...

Angstily yours,

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