Monday, May 16, 2016

Cover Reveal from Suz Korb

So, a writing friend of mine is trying out something new: writing a novel chapter by chapter online. Well, she's done it before on her own blog, but now she's trying out Patreon. 

Now, that takes guts! I think I would crack under the pressure of not being able to change my mind a hundred times before finishing the book, but I suspect Suz is made of sterner stuff. *grin*

Best of luck to you, Suz! May the motivation be with you! 

Suz Korb's Newest Cover Reveal and Live Novel Writing
Hello, I'm Suz Korb and my new book project is titled: Flutterby Girl. Welcome to this cover reveal blog post, with a twist. And here's the cover...

The twist is that this book hasn't been written yet. I'm going to write it live on Patreon. I've written a novel live before, chapter by chapter, on my blog. And now I'm doing it again with Flutterby Girl! 
I got the idea for Flutterby Girl, then I thought up a title, then I got the cover, and now I'm writing the story. It will go up on Patreon chapter by chapter, daily. You can read each chapter if you become my patron. I'm new at Patreon, so if problems arise I hope I can deal with them quick! It should be easy enough though.
I've decided to write my two most recent books live because it pushes me, and it makes my imagination flow more deeply.
Chapter 1 of Flutterby Girl is up on Patreon now and I hope you will join me in this young adult journey.

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