Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Yes, the day has finally arrived! THE BIG FIX has officially been released. I think that calls for a trumpet fanfare, don't you? (Never let it be said I don't enjoy my "moments" to the fullest. *grin*)

Photo by Glenn Brunette, via Wikimedia Commons.
I tried to get that town crier who just announced the birth of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana to record a similar announcement for me, but apparently some things are Just. Not. Done. 

Oh, well. 

By the way, have you seen the new cover yet? (...asked Linda disingenuously.)

What's that you say? It looks the same? Ah, but it's not! Look closer. See there at the bottom right? 

They added "A Novel." 

That's how you can be sure it's not, you know, my autobiography or something. ;)

And here it is NAKED:

It's hard to tell from the pic, but the lettering and Tor logo are in a metallic raspberry pink. Pretty! :)

And now I have a small favor to ask. (Don't worry, it doesn't involve lending me money.) All I'm asking is, if you have the opportunity, that you help me get the word out about THE BIG FIX on any social media platform you happen to participate in. It can be something as simple as a tweet with the hashtag #TheBigFix, or a mention on Facebook, or Tumblr, or Pinterest, or Instagram, or even Google+ (does anyone even use Google+?).  

Anything to raise awareness would be great! Because I'd kind of like to sell enough of these suckers to convince my publisher to let keep on writing them. 

P.S. I'm leaving for the RT Booklovers Convention day after tomorrow. If you live near Dallas (or will be in the area), stop by the Hyatt Regency on Saturday (May 16th) between 11a.m. and 2p.m. I'll be signing at the Giant Book Fair, and I'd love to see you!


Dianne K. Salerni said...

Congratulations on your first hardcover book! YAY!

And I think there are few people out there still trying to use Google+. I feel kinda sorry for them, but not sorry enough to join them and keep them company.

Linda G. said...

Diane -- I know what you mean. I'm pretty sure the last time I used mine was for another book-related announcement. Just covering my bases. *grin*

abby mumford said...

Jacketed or Naked, that's one HOT book. Congrats on its arrival, Linda!! I can't wait to get my copy. :)

Unknown said...

Hubba hubba. That is one sexy book. I'm still back at the "In a Fix" beginning but I will be caught up and on to this sexy little number in no time.

Patsy said...

The trumpets and nakedness are almost too much for me. *fans herself*

Congratulations on your book release!

Pearson Report said...

Exciting times… Charlotte who??? What exactly has the wee one done for such fanfare - where's HER book, hmmm!!!

I'll do my best as town crier - you may regret asking! hahahaha My cry is rather pathetic! LOL But for you I may get voice lessons! :)

I'm so excited for you, and me, because I'm a reader of your series. I'm halfway through In A Fix, enjoying it very much. Loved reading Pre-Fix too, great intro to the characters.

Congratulations Linda, exciting times over in Dallas. - I hope it went well and you left empty handed. (meaning you sold every last one of those NOVELS you brought with you)

I think I did a pre order on this book, but won't get to it until I read Quick Fix. I'm in my own little fix - that would be lack of time! Showering and teeth brushing still come first! hahaha.

I'm reading on my kindle, but that hardcover looks stunning - it'd be a nice addition to the bookshelf.

Sending this with smiles and hugs, Jenny

Diane Henders said...

Congratulations! Must rush off to buy it now! :-)

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

How exciting! You've gotta know I'm really pulling for you to make it big. I hope you had a super time at the conference.