Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hump Day is for Flirting!

Hey there. *bats eyelashes* Come here often?

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What? She looks flirty to me. (How do I know it's a she? I don't. She just looks like a girl, all right?)

So. Flirting. How do you feel about it? 

Me? I like it. I'm flirting right now in another window. 

Now, before you get all "Why, that hussy!" on me, let me explain. I'm flirting with an idea. It's part of writing process when I'm working on a first draft. I get an idea. Kind of just see it in the corner of my mind. 

Some ideas bold. They march themselves right up to me and say, "Lady, you need me. I'm here. Let's do this thing!" (I do like an idea that can take charge.)

Others are a bit more bashful. They linger in the murky shadows of my imagination and dare me to notice them. Some of them are so goofy I just roll my eyes and tell them to go bother somebody else's muse. But some are...well, stickier, for lack of a better word. They hang back but don't go away. They play hard-to-get, flirting with me.

As much as I enjoy the sheer brashness of the bold ideas (let's face it--they make my job easier), I'm a real sucker for the sticky, bashful, hard-to-get ideas. They don't always work out, but when they do, the payoff is sublime. 

Do you flirt? With people? With ideas? Both? Do share! 

Oh, and Happy Hump Day! 


Judy, Judy, Judy said...

With ideas. I'm good with the flirting but not good with the follow through. I'm a tease. hehehe

Diane Henders said...

People - only when I'm positive they know I'm kidding. Ideas - oh hellz yeah, I'm brazen. Nothing's more fun than the chase...

Patsy said...

I'm a bit of an ideas tart. If I think of a story idea, even if I'm not sure where it might go, I almost always give it a try.

Carol Kilgore said...

I'm a tramp. Mostly with ideas, though. Humpa, humpa :)

LD Masterson said...

Forget flirting. If I see an idea I like, I'll chase it down and drag it kicking and screaming home with me.

Hey, that's how I got my husband. *grin*

Jennifer Shirk said...

As I get older, I tend to flirt more with people. I must be turning into a hussy. LOL

And ideas? Yes, I flirt a lot there too.