Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Camel with the ANSWERS!

Do you ever wish you knew all the answers? 

Good news! This guy does:

By Berit from Redhill/Surrey, UK (Portrait  Uploaded by russavia) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Well, he looks like a know-it-all, anyway. Regal, a little bit snooty perhaps, but obviously just chock full of wisdom. 

So, I'm opening up the floor. Got a pressing (or not so pressing? possibly even...dare I say it...silly?) question that needs an answer? Just leave it in a comment, and Mr. Smartypants will give you an answer.* 

Go ahead. Ask Mr. Smartypants anything! 

* Note the careful phraseology of that statement. An answer. Not necessarily the right one, or even a good one. ;)

Edited as needed to add questions:

Patsy: Will it ever stop raining?
Mr. Smartypants: No. It will always be raining somewhere in the world. 

Diane: Bacon, booze, or chocolate?
Mr. Smartypants: Yes. 

L.D.: Who does your hair?
Mr. Smartypants: No one. Who could possibly enhance what Mother Nature gave me? 

Carol: One hump or two?
Mr. Smartypants: Depends entirely on how satisfactory the first hump was. ;)

Susan: Who's gonna win the Superbowl, and does anybody really care?
Mr. Smartypants: A football team. What, you need it to be more specific? Okay. Either the Seahawks or the Broncos. As for anybody caring...

Photo courtesy of
This guy cares so much he's already front-loading for the game. ;) 

Tracy Jo: Will it ever warm back up in MN?
Mr. Smartypants: Technically, yes. Most likely on a Tuesday afternoon in late July. But it will be for such a brief interval that if you blink you'll miss it. So don't blink in July. ;)


Patsy said...

Will it ever stop raining? that's what I want to know.

Diane Henders said...

He does look wise, doesn't he? Or like a wiseass, which is pretty close to the same thing.

So here's my question: bacon, booze, or chocolate?

LD Masterson said...

Okay. Mr. Smartypants, who does your hair?

Carol Kilgore said...

Question: One hump or two?

Anne Gallagher said...

This is so fun! Leave it to you Linda. Hope all is well.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

HA! What a fun idea for a post, and you and Mr. Smartypants have come up with some terrific answers.

Okay, here's my question: Who's gonna win the Super Bowl, and does anybody really care?

Unknown said...

coffee or COFFEE!!!

Tracy Jo said...

Dear Mr. Smartypants: Will it ever warm back up in MN? :-) Have a great weekend!

Dawn@Lighten Up! said...

Will it ever stop SNOWING, Linda? That's what I wanna know!

Dawn@Lighten Up! said...
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